Land of promise…

Leland, in coastal North Carolina:  Just across the rivers (Cape Fear and Brunswick) lies a land of opportunity and promise.

Named after the son of the local Postmaster years ago, Leland has slept in the shadow of the historical city of Wilmington for many years…

Recently Leland, now known as the “Gateway” to beautiful Brunswick County is “morphing” to the new Bruswick Town it is destined to become.

New housing developements, shopping centers and civic centers will soon rival the streets of downtown Wilmington in friendly competition for business, recreation and retirement making places like Brunswick Forest, Magnolia Greens, Waterford, Westport, Mallory Creek and many other neighborhoods the choice for active people from all over.

Just a little encouragment in some areas of general “housekeeping” will have people sitting up and taking notice…

Imagine highways with neatly trimed and flowering vista’s flowing through the area…Sidewalks and river walks for people to prominade on…Clean parks and boat ramps for recreation with small boats.

Of course, there will be new schools, ball fields, civic auditoriums and churches for “One nation under God”

If this is your vision as it is mine, come to Leland and spend some time.  We have a brand new hotel with swimming pool, a bowling alley around the corner and other hotels and entertainment centers either currently being built or on the drawing boards.

Don’t blink! this is all happening fast and getting in on the “ground floor” may be just what the doctor ordered.

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2 Comments on “Land of promise…”

  1. George Says:

    I like your commentary on “the new Brunswick Towne!”

    I’m heading to “the Garden of the Lord!” Gan-Elohim!!

    yer bro,


  2. George Says:

    Re: the 2d half of above comment, “heading to Gan-Elohim,” I just bought my rd-trip airfare, courtesy of a brother who provides travel res., as well as his int’l outreach /evangelisitic ministry, Ricky Leonard!

    Dates: 4/28 thru 5/29.

    yer bro,


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