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Unamerican activities of the Obama administration

August 31, 2009

There is a great article in this mornings newspaper by Cal Thomas about the un-american activities of Eric Holder and the Obama administration.

Perhaps he doesn’t realise that we are at war with (radical) Islam and have been since the trade towers were attacked the first time.

Bin Laden is still hiding in a cave somewhere in Pakistan and we are fighting Shia and Suni Islamic terrorists in Afganistan…sacrificing the blood of our american young men..for what?

So Eric Holder can interogate our Central Inteligence agency to see if they have treated captured terrorists like american citizens with rights?

They have no rights!

They are the enemy and we are at war!

A Fatwa (Islamic declaration) of war was declared by Osama in 1987…So what does Obama think he is doing??

Perhaps he has forgotten who he is working for and whom has rights.

Certainly he is not acting like a proper american president, putting the security of his own country and the position of our own armed forces and civilian workers first.

Lets remind him that he is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of America, not the Taliban.  and that he has sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States not the Qur-an.

So, call off  Mr. Holder, Mr. President and act like you have the best interests of our people and the hard working people in the CIA in mind…to say nothing of your promise to look ahead and not behind.

It should not take Dick Cheney to remind you of your responsibilities to us and to whom you pledge allegiance to when you salute “our” flag.

We are beginning to wonder about you Mr. Obama…

Jerusalem radio…

August 30, 2009
Congress to the Rescue 
Seal of the US Congress In the four months since taking office, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been seeking to reach a compromise with the Obama administration on its incessant demands for a total freeze on Jewish settlement activity in the disputed territories. But just when he thought a deal was close at hand, the US State Department insisted last month that the building ban must extend to eastern Jerusalem, a position no Israeli government can accept. Beleaguered Israeli leaders were anxious to hear some show of support on the issue from their traditional allies on Capitol Hill and in the American Jewish community. And although it took some time, we are finally starting to hear some shouts from the vaunted “Amen Corner” in the US Congress, telling President Obama he has gone too far in leaning so heavily on Israel. This was especially apparent when two large congressional delegations paid solidarity visits to Israel during the August recess. 
Airing the weekend of 29 August 2009
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Rep. Eric Cantor and the Republican delegationMany Israelis were starting to wonder why their traditional friends in the US Congress were not standing up to President Obama for putting the squeeze on Jewish settlement building, especially in Jerusalem. Well, we’re finally hearing from pro-Israel members of Congress, many of whom sent a message with their feet by visiting Jerusalem during the August recess. Our first report from Aaron Hecht follows the visit of House Minority WhiRep. Steny Hoyer (second from left)  and the Democratic leadershipp Eric Cantor and a delegation of 25 Republican members of Congress…

Also, Shalle’ McDonald covers the Democratic delegation which visited Jerusalem last week, led by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

FPJ senior producer David Parsons was on the trail of former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee when he also visited Jerusalem last week. You won’t want to miss what he had to say to Obama…

Finally, FPJ co-host Earl Cox speaks with Congresswoman Virginia Foxx about her principled stand with the Jewish state.

Earl Cox  Ben Kinchlow  David Parsons
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Iran’s Latest Missiles
Much of the world attention on Iran in recent years has focused on the troubling progress of its nuclear program and uranium enrichment activites. But one of Israel’s leading rocket scientists is warning that Tehran has made rapid advances in its ballisitic missile development, increasing the range of payload of its rocket arsenal to startling degrees. So just how much progress has Iran made in its missile program? Can they now target European capitals with nuclear warheads? Are European leaders alert to this growing threat? What are Western leaders and their allies doing to prepare themselves to defend against it? And how is Israel readying itself for Iran’s deadly new toys?

Airing the weekend of 5 September 2009

Another viewpoint…

August 30, 2009
I come not to praise Kennedy, but to bury him
Posted: 28 Aug 2009 06:45 AM PDT
Up to now, I have maintained my silence about the late Senator Ted Kennedy. I have been torn between my “sainted” mother’s advice that if you cannot say something nice about someone, say nothing at all.
I also remember a quote from Abraham Lincoln who reportedly said, “The wise man speaks because he has something to say. The fool speaks because he has to say something.”
So, you see my quandary.
But, as I listened to the praises being sung about some senator I have never heard of – and do not know, it has become impossible to maintain my silence.
Count me among the fools, if you will, but down here, in the south land of America, the senator from Massachusetts was not well thought of – except by a handful of ultra-leftists and those transplanted northeasterners who have recently invaded our holy land, Dixie.
I was, and remain, a great fan of the late Senator Jesse Helms. Many years ago, when we were both broadcasters, I knew the senator and grew to admire him as someone who, when asked a question, told you the truth as he believed the truth to be, and never wavered. You might not like the answer he gave to your question, but it was an honest answer, nevertheless. I grew to admire Senator Helms long before he became the senator from my state of North Carolina.
The Kennedy family, on the other hand, was an altogether different animal, if you will. I began to investigate that family when Jack was a candidate for President. I did not like what I learned. After Chappaquiddick and the absolute mess Ted made of that incident, and the efforts his family made to save his behind, told me everything I ever needed to know about Ted, himself, and the family.
True, I hail from a long line of proud southern bootleggers, but I never ran for Congress, either.
To this scribe, Ted Kennedy never got past the drunken, slovenly, not very bright, court jester image that he seemed to polish continually. Frankly, I never trusted him to do, well, anything, very well, at all. Except one thing, that is. That one thing was to push his favorite socialist program, as best he could, through the Senate. That he seemed to do with great gusto.
Ted Kennedy had as much to do with Jesse Helms going back to the Senate for all those years as the voters in North Carolina had. Jesse was our answer to Ted. Jesse was the counter-weight, if you please.
So, forgive me if I do not join in the left’s deifying of Ted Kennedy. For unlike my friends on the left, I am unable to suspend my disbelief for the few days it will take for the left to bury the man.
As I predicted, it only took hours for the Democratic Party to take advantage of his death and attach his name to the ObamaCare bill before Congress. As we have come to know, such tasteless behavior is certainly not beneath the left when their power is being challenged by the conservative movement in this country.
ObamaCare began “for the children.” It will end “for Teddy.”
If one really wanted to remember someone at this funereal time, I would suggest we all take a few moments to remember a young lady named Mary Jo Kopechne and the date July 18th, 1969.

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ObamaCare gets religion
Posted: 28 Aug 2009 06:01 AM PDT
Once the Obama Administration completed their goal of passing an enormous spending bill with the promise of stimulating the US economy, they immediately set their sights on passing legislation to control the health care system throughout the nation.
The Democrats are seeking to replicate the socialized medicine systems of other industrialized nations such as Britain, Canada and Japan, but they are using the tactics of misinformation and stealth to achieve their goal.
“The mainstream news media and liberal politicians are always praising the health care systems in other countries, but they never discuss the nightmare stories emanating from these countries’ medical professionals,” said political strategist Mike Baker.
“I believe individuals should have the opportunity to select the health insurance policy that best meets his or her needs, which is why I am an original co-sponsor of the Health Care Choice Act. The Health Care Choice Act would enable consumers to choose and purchase affordable health insurance policies that offer a range of benefits,” said Representative Pete Hoekstra (R-MI).
Hoekstra and other conservative congressmen want Americans to receive medical care, but they say they don’t want the government dictating what care is given and when it is given.
Unfortunately for President Barack Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and the usual suspects on the far-left, a majority of the American people aren’t buying the idea of ObamaCare resulting in a grassroots uprising similar to the one President Bill Clinton faced in 1993 when his wife attempted a government takeover of US medicine.
So Barack Obama, after exhausting his usual tactics of vilifying his opposition, decided to embark on a new project: a teleconference with religious leaders and other Americans of faith. According to estimates, more than 140,000 people participated as President Obama — who has still failed to “find a new church” to replace the one he attended for 20 years under Pastor Jeremiah Wright, a racist, anti-American cleric — waxed elegant. He even threw in a few Bible verses, although taking them out of context.
What President Obama did not mention to those religious participants was that he favors the killing of unborn babies, and in fact voted for partial-birth abortion. He also failed to mention that one of his main advisers, Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ezekial, had made radical statements regarding abortion including the statement that a baby wasn’t a human being until he or she were able to understand the concept of “tomorrow.”
Whenever the subject of abortion or euthanasia is brought up regarding the far-left health care plan, President Obama and the Democrats respond that there is nothing in their health care bill regarding those procedures. However, the truth is that there is nothing in the health care bills being circulated that would prevent taxpayer money being used for abortions, and euthanasia will naturally result from the rationing of health care. If an elderly patient is denied medical treatment for cancer, for example, that is euthanasia — you are indirectly killing a human being by withholding live saving treatment.
One Biblical reference used President Obama during his “health care sermon” was a part of the Ten Commandments that reads, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” Those who oppose a government health care system are bearing false witness, according to the man who sat in a pew listening to a pastor who said, “God damn, America” and other anti-American utterances, but did not leave that church until Americans found out about the real Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
During his religious teleconference, Obama, like Hillary Clinton before him, used the Ninth Commandment to condemn his detractors and opponents of the Democrat’s idea of health care reform. Of course, no one in the media mentioned how many times Obama bore false witness against others such as when he claimed there were physicians amputating patients’ arms and legs solely to make more money. Of course, no one in the news media pushed the President to provide even one example of his assertion. And President Obama did not volunteer that information, either. Can I get an Amen?

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Carmel Alert! (from the middle east)

August 28, 2009

The CARMEL ALERT August 28th 2009
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to praying
 for Israel  and the salvation of the Jewish  peopleGuest Comment: Jordan is Palestine  by Sarah HonigIf anyone can lay claim to consummate mastery of the thriving art of history  forging, it’s the Jordanians. Their entire state, nationhood and very identity are counterfeit. Had the inter-national community not been sympathetically predisposed to lap up the lie, Jordan obviously couldn’t pull it off. Its wholesale fabrication hinges on a world that contentedly collaborates in hoodwinking itself.  Faisal I ibn al-Hussein, Abdullah I’s brother and Hussein ibn Ali’s son, was ruler of Greater Syria in 1920 and King of Iraq from 1921 to 1933.



So deceit blithely marches on. Its latest installment is the artificially concocted kingdom’s decision to strip untold numbers of Palestinians of Jordanian citizenship. Those who were Jordanian for decades suddenly aren’t. It’s like the infamous Soviet encyclopedias’ loose-leaf pages, which were removed and replaced with the latest authoritative versions of what once was.  The past is ever-malleable in the service of current agendas.

According to Jordanian Interior Minister Nayef al-Kadi, the aim is to preempt the possibility of anyone resurrecting reminders that Jordan is part and parcel of what’s called Palestine. It’s indeed the largest chunk thereof. That being the case, Palestinians – whether born east or west of the Jordan River – are Jordan’s natural citizens (regardless of whatever name it or they adopt). Kadi, under his monarch’s orders, is now out to underscore the falsehood that “Jordan is not Palestine just as Palestine is not Jordan.”  

Thereby no future peace deal could rubber-stamp Jordanian domicile for so-called Palestinians. Instead they’d be driven to overrun Israel and turn it into the third Arab state in the original jurisdiction of the post-World War I British Mandate over Palestine.  Otherwise Jordan would forfeit all proceeds from the gargantuan deception it labored so hard to market to a world eager to be deceived – i.e., the synthetic Jordanian and Palestinian ethnicities, along with the notion that these recent-vintage nationalities are dissimilar from each other and deserve self-determination in separate homelands: Jordan and Palestine.

This cock-and-bull contention begat the image of the stateless Palestinians – aggrieved indigenous inhabitants striving desperately to throw off the yoke of foreign (Jewish) occupation.
Until 1948 Palestine was synonymous with the Hebrew Eretz Yisrael. The “Palestinian” epithet was largely reserved for Jews and used by them. Local Arabs preferred allegiance to Greater Syria or Iraq.   Golda Meir used to quip: “I am a Palestinian, but don’t like the name. Palestine is a name the Romans gave Eretz Yisrael with the express purpose of infuriating defeated Jews… Why should we use a spiteful name meant to humiliate us?… Christendom inherited the name from Rome and the British chose to call the land they mandated Palestine. Local Arabs picked it up as their nation’s supposed ancient name, though they couldn’t even pronounce it correctly, and turned it into Filastin, a fictional entity.”

Palestine / Filastin never had an independent existence, cultural uniqueness, linguistic distinctiveness or religious idiosyncrasy to differentiate it from the surrounding Arab milieu.
Moreover, the British Mandate in Palestine extended over both banks of the Jordan. In 1921, 78 percent of what the League of Nations designated as “the national home of the Jewish people” was ripped off and presented as a gift to Abdullah, son of Sharif Hussein ibn Ali, Mecca’s Hashemite emir (also self-proclaimed caliph of all Muslims). Hussein later (1924) lost control of Islam’s holiest city and surrounding Hejaz to a rival clan, the Saudis. Had he won, we’d be speaking today of Hashemite Arabia. As is, we’re saddled with Hashemite Jordan.

Out to recompense their Hashemite lackeys, the Brits enthroned Abdullah’s younger brother Faisal as king of Greater Syria. After the French expelled Faisal, London manufactured for him a make-believe realm called Iraq. His grandson Faisal II was deposed, executed and his corpse dragged through Baghdad’s streets in 1958, but England’s unnatural Iraqi fusion remains and continues to disturb the world.  Abdullah sought the title of emir of Palestine. Britain made him settle for Transjordan. No Transjordanian nation appears in human chronicles. It was conceived on Palestinian soil by Perfidious Albion. That was the first division of Palestine.

In 1950, Transjordan annexed the “West Bank” (the name they gave the territory occupied after the Arab invasion of new-born Israel in 1948) and became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Its leaders, including the late King Hussein, stressed over and over in numerous pronouncements that “Jordan and Palestine are one and the same.” So did Palestinian leaders, including Yasser Arafat. The Palestinian Covenant, in fact, covets all of Jordan – precisely because it’s Palestine.  Yet eventually it became expedient, PR-wise, to claim that Palestine exists exclusively west of the mini-river, justifying the campaign for a second Palestinian Arab state.

Fearing that his Palestinian subjects would topple their imported Hashemite rulers, Hussein kicked out the PLO in Black September 1970. Too bad. Had he failed, Arafat would have taken Amman over and nobody could today deny that Palestine is divided among Jews and Arabs, with the Arabs owning nearly four-fifths thereof.  Now Hussein’s son Abdullah II seeks to rewrite history once more in the well-trodden Jordanian tradition. His father dropped the claim to what he branded the West Bank but didn’t revive the ludicrous moniker of Transjordan. After 17 years of annexation (1950-67), the Jordan trademark gained global acceptance. It rang authentic. Why then return to the obvious fake?

Jordan’s population, though, is overwhelmingly Palestinian. The only exceptions are the Beduin who accompanied Abdullah I from Hejaz. Like the Hashemites, they’re foreigners. Now these outsiders design to delegitimize the natives. Expectedly, governments and human rights NGOs worldwide are silent.   Jordan was born of fraud, which it’s fated thereafter to prop up via unremitting retroactive repairs to the past – even the distant past. Not too many years back Jordan TV aired a documentary on Jerusalem portraying ancient Jebusites as Arabs.

The Lord bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the God of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their God.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for that breakthrough to the Muslims,  and please remember to pray for all of the soldiers in the IDF -they are defending and fighting for the Kingdom of God.Shabbat Shalom ….    David & JosieTHIS WEEKS NEWS REPORTS 1.  Sweden Refuses to Denounce ‘IDF Steals Organs’ Story   ICEJ News  Aug 21
Israel’s Foreign Ministry was exploring on Friday what punitive diplomatic measures it can take against Sweden in response to Foreign Minister Carl Bildt’s direct refusal to condemn this week’s ‘libelous’ story in the Aftonbladet newspaper alleging IDF soldiers have been kidnapping Palestinians to steal their organs.  The Swedish government has defended the tabloid on free speech grounds, saying it was no different than the “Muhammad cartoons” published in a Danish newspaper. But Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman suggested the current reaction of Stockholm resembled Sweden’s appalling silence and neutrality in the face of Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda and atrocities in World War II. The issue of retaliatory moves against Bildt and other Swedish diplomats could prove a sensitive issue, since Sweden currently holds the rotating presidency of the European Union through the end of the year. Meanwhile, Aftonbladet editor Jan Helin joined the chorus of criticism of Sweden’s ambassador to Tel Aviv, Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier, for denouncing the defamatory article, saying in an editorial that such censorship only happens in Iran.2. Netanyahu: Jerusalem is Ours, Deal With It    Israel Today News   Aug 24th
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said as he departed for Europe on Monday that Israel will never accept limitations on its sovereignty in Jerusalem. His remarks were seen as a direct response to pressure from US President Barack Obama for Israel to stop building homes for Jews in those parts of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinians.  Sources close to Netanyahu told The Jerusalem Post that is the message he will deliver to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and US Middle East envoy George Mitchell after touching down in London. From there, Netanyahu will travel to Berlin to convince German Chancellor Angela Merkel of Israel’s steadfastness when it comes to the holy city.  Netanyahu is expected, however, to soften that news by offering to halt construction in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria for a period of one year to determine if Israel truly has any peace partners on the Palestinian side.   The prime minister said he expects his peace gestures and the international community’s reaction to them will persuade Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to resume peace talks by October.  Netanyahu will also press his European hosts for greater economic sanctions against Iran over it’s defiant nuclear program. Netanyahu said that if Europe and the rest of the international community would sufficiently tighten the screws on Iran, then there would be no need for talk of a last-ditch military option.3. Report: Israel to Freeze Settlements in Exchange for Tougher Iran Sanctions  Ha Aretz News  Aug 25th
   U.S. President Barack Obama is close to breaking the stalemate between Israel and the Palestinians by getting Israel to agree to a partial settlement freeze in exchange for a tougher U.S. stand against Iran’s nuclear program, the British Guardian reported.  The report, which cites U.S., European, Israeli and Palestinian officials, said that Obama will be ready to announce the resumption of long-stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians by the end of September.  “The message is: Iran is an existential threat to Israel; settlements are not,” the Guardian quoted one official close to the negotiations as saying.   In exchange for Israel agreeing to a partial and temporary settlement freeze, the U.S., Britain and France would push the United Nations Security Council to expand sanctions on Iran to include its oil and gas industry, the report said.  Israel is also seeking normalization with Arab states, which would include the right for El Al to fly within Arab states’ airspace, the establishment of trade offices and embassies and an end to the ban on travelers with Israeli stamps in their passports.
     Details of the negotiations are expected to be outlined Wednesday during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting in London with George Mitchell, the U.S. special envoy to the Middle East.  “It has been pretty hard going but we are getting there,” the Guardian quoted another official as saying. “We are closer to a deal with the Israelis than many think. The Arabs are more difficult to pin down.”   The report said Obama plans to announce the breakthrough either at the meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York in the week of September 23 or at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh on September 24-25.  Obama plans to make his announcement together with Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and sources said he hopes a final peace deal can be negotiated within two years.
    The Obama administration has demanded that Israel halt all construction in settlements in the West Bank, which the Palestinians claim for a future state.
Netanyahu has resisted calls for a total freeze on construction, arguing that the Bush administration had acquiesced to continued Israeli settlement activity in large blocs that are likely to be annexed by Israel in any future agreement with the Palestinians.  He reiterated during a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street in London, that Israel will not limit construction in East Jerusalem.   “What we’re seeking to achieve with the United States in the talks we’ve conducted, and will conduct tomorrow and will conduct after tomorrow, is to find a bridging formula that will enable us to at once launch a process but enable those residents to continue living normal lives,” Netanyahu said.
4. Barack Obama on Brink of Deal for Middle East Peace Talks   The Guardian  Aug 26th
    Barack Obama is close to brokering an Israeli-Palestinian deal that will allow him to announce a resumption of the long-stalled Middle East peace talks before the end of next month, according to US, Israeli, Palestinian and European officials.   Key to bringing Israel on board is a promise by the US to adopt a much tougher line with Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program. The US, along with Britain and France, is planning to push the United Nations security council to expand sanctions to include Iran’s oil and gas industry, a move that could cripple its economy.  In return, the Israeli government will be expected to agree to a partial freeze on the construction of settlements in the Middle East. In the words of one official close to the negotiations: “The message is: Iran is an existential threat to Israel; settlements are not.”
     Although the negotiations are being held in private, they have reached such an advanced stage that both France and Russia have approached the US offering to host a peace conference.  Obama has pencilled in the announcement of his breakthrough for either a meeting of world leaders at the UN general assembly in New York in the week beginning 23 September or the G20 summit in Pittsburgh on 24-25 September.   The president, who plans to make his announcement flanked by Netanyahu and the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas – plus the leaders of as many Arab states as he can muster – hopes that a final peace agreement can be negotiated within two years, a timetable viewed as unrealistic by Middle East analysts.   Obama had hoped to unveil his plans before the start of Ramadan last weekend but failed to complete the deal with the Israelis or the Arab states in time.
5. Abbas May Meet with Netanyahu on Side of UNGA    ICEJ News   Aug 26th
Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas is open to a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in September, Palestinian officials said Wednesday, although they stressed there would be no formal negotiations. Abbas has been conditioning the resumption of peace talks on a long list of demands, including a total settlements freeze. The PA officials emphasized that Abbas has not dropped those pre-conditions, but simply was willing to have a chance to talk with Israel’s new prime minister. The PA leader’s refusal to renew peace talks has been getting harder to defend, especially after news broke that Netanyahu has been honoring a de facto freeze on new housing starts in the West Bank that dates back to last November. Israel’s ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev also suggested today that a three-way meeting between US, Israeli, and Palestinian leaders on the sideline s of the UN General Assembly in September was “a possibility.”6. Jewish Prayers on Temple Mount ‘a Violation of International Law’      Israel Today News  Aug 28th   ( They must be JOKING !!! )
    Taking their misinterpretation of international law to new heights, the Arab League this week accused the Jews of Israel of violating the rules that govern global behavior by praying atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.  The incident occurred on Sunday, when the head of the Temple Institute led a small group of Jewish tourists atop the Temple Mount. Israeli police at the site forbid non-Muslims from praying there or making any kind of outward religious gestures, such as kneeling or bowing.  But the Temple Institute told Israel National News that the group managed to hold a very brief prayer session without being detected.  After reading about the Jewish prayers at Judaism’s holiest site, Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa called them “a serious blow to the holiness of the site.”   Moussa insisted that under international law, Jews and Christians are forbidden from praying atop the Muslim-controlled Temple Mount7.  3 Killed as Gaza Tunnel Collapses    Ha Aretz News   Aug 28th
    Palestinian officials say a smuggling tunnel running under the Gaza-Egypt border has collapsed, killing three people.  Moiawa Hassanien, a Palestinian health official, says the incident happened Friday near the border town of Rafah.   The three men were from the same family, according to medical sources. The sources said civil defense units and residents helped dig out the men. They added that the tunnel collapsed after a sewage line burst and flooded the tunnel.  Israel and Egypt have blockaded Gaza since the militant group Hamas seized power there in 2007. Israel, the EU and the U.S. label Hamas a terrorist group.8. Israel hoping for tourism surge during fall holidays   ICEJ News  Aug 26th
The Israel Hotel Association announced on Tuesday that in July 2009 there was a 17% decline in overnight stays at Israeli hotels compared to the same month last year. IHA President Naor Chen blamed the drop on visitors staying with friends and relatives to save money due to the current economic downturn. However, flight and hotel reservations indicate Israel will enjoy a surge in tourism over the upcoming Jewish High Holy Days, beginning with Rosh Hashanah in mid-September. Meanwhile, Israel’s Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz on Monday approved a plan for El Al Israel Airlines to fly to Eilat from Ben-Gurion Airport, joining Arkia and Israir on the highly lucrative route. “The liberalization of the aviation market, which is led by the ministry and includes the possibility of additional airlines to operate on the route, is expected to bring down flight prices and help increase Eilat’s and Israel’s exposure as a tourist destination,” Katz said. Twenty daily flights are operated on the route, carrying one million passengers a year. Katz also announced that he is looking into opening up more international routes for Arkia and Israir.












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Iran’s threat is real

August 28, 2009

Insiders Warn: Time is Running Out — An Iranian Bomb is Coming
Dear Fellow Conservative:

Time is running out on preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons–and Obama’s soft approach to the radical Ayatollahs makes that threat even more urgent. So says New York Times bestselling author Dore Gold.

In his shocking new book, The Rise of Nuclear Iran, Gold shows how Iranian leaders have expertly manipulated the West to buy time to develop nukes.

Through diplomatic duplicity — saying one thing at the negotiating table while doing the opposite — Iran has exploited the negotiation process by not only covertly developing uranium to weapons-grade levels.

In The Rise of Nuclear Iran, Gold warns that if we ignore the lessons of the past, future diplomatic efforts will certainly fail. This doesn’t mean that engagement won’t work, Gold says, but we need to drastically change our approach and keep military options on the table. Otherwise, Iran will become a nuclear power, and provide a nuclear umbrella for terrorists around the world.

Now, for a limited time, HUMAN EVENTS is making Dore Gold’s The Rise of Nuclear Iran available to you FREE.

This is the terrifying reality a nuclear Iran will bring to the world:
Iran is the main state-sponsor of terrorism and subversion in the Middle East. A nuclear Iran could embolden terrorist groups by providing them protection under a “nuclear umbrella.”
A nuclear Iran will give surrounding countries even more motivation to pursue nuclear ambitions.
A nuclear Iran will give the Western world second thoughts about taking any type of action against Iran for fear of devastating retaliation.
Iran aims to export the Iranian Revolution into the Western Hemisphere and is systematically developing infrastructure in South America to make targeting the U.S. easier.
Stunning, insightful, and compelling, The Rise of Nuclear Iran shows that although it may be too late to halt Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons, it’s not too late to stop them from becoming a full-fledged nuclear power.

CLICK HERE to learn more — and get your FREE hardcover copy of Dore Gold’s The Rise of Nuclear Iran today.

Your friend,

Thomas S. Winter
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Michelle Malkin speaks…

August 28, 2009

A Personal Message from Michelle Malkin
Dear Reader,
I’m thrilled to announce that my new book, Culture of Corruption, is #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for the fourth consecutive week!
If you haven’t read it yet, let me give you just a little taste:
Phew. Janitors in newsrooms across America worked overtime in the halcyon days after Barack Obama won the presidency. It wasn’t easy cleaning the drool off laptops and floors in the offices of journalists everywhere. New York Times columnist David Brooks praised Team Obama’s “postpartisan rhetoric” and “practical creativity.” Awestruck Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts echoed the conventional wisdom: “Some would say it’s a team of rivals, à la President Lincoln, or is a better comparison a team of geniuses as FDR did?”
I wrote this book to give you the exhaustive answer that President Obama’s gyrating media harem doesn’t want you to read.
Obama’s team is a dysfunctional and dangerous group of business-as-usual cronies. The corruption stretches from wealthy power brokers Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett, to pay-to-play-tainted Michelle Obama and Joe Biden, to ethically challenged, bailout-bungling money men Larry Summers and Tim Geithner at Treasury, crime-coddling corporate lawyer Eric Holder at DOJ, to the crooked Service Employees International Union, and the ever-expanding swamp of Washington lobbyists.
This book pulls together the familiar and not-so-familiar pieces to force Obama hagiographers to confront an alternate narrative. A reality-based narrative. A narrative of incompetence, nepotism, influence-peddling, and self-dealing that defies the stubborn myth that Barack Obama is the One True Agent of Hope and Change.
In short: This is a government of the crony, by the lobbyist, and for all the well-heeled, well-connected people Barack Obama spent his entire campaign demonizing.
In the era of “new politics,” judge him as you would judge other mere mortals. Judge him not by the company that preceded him. Judge him by the company he keeps.
Thanks for your time. If you’ve already bought Culture of Corruption—thank you! If not, use one of the links below to buy it online today.
Michelle Malkin

Today on

August 28, 2009

Creatively capitalizing on the Kennedy death

Posted: 27 Aug 2009 10:29 AM PDT

The Democrats certainly aren’t going to let the death of their liberal lion pass without figuring out some way to take advantage. We heard the first rumblings yesterday – today it will be come a roar. The Democrat takeover of all health care must be accomplished if for no other reason than to honor Ted Kennedy.

Is there anyone out there who really believes that if ObamaCare were the reality today that Kennedy would have been in any way affected. Do you think that the same government guidelines about palliative care and hospice would have been imposed on Kennedy? Do you think his choice of doctors would have been limited? Would he have been prevented from using his personal fortune to seek out and pay for the best medical care available? Come on, you know what the realty for Kennedy would have been — and it would have been very much different than any reality you will face when the government gets control.

That’s the word, folks. CONTROL. Somehow the American people have to put their ideologies aside and understand that this IS NOT about the quality and availability of health care. It is about CONTROLLING health care. The Democrats vowed when they lost the Congress in 1994 that this would never happen to them again. What we’re seeing here is the Democrats insuring that lightning doesn’t strike twice. They need control over the voters. They need something to wave in the face of voters on Election Day that will frighten them into keeping Democrats in power. For years Democrats have had Social Security. Every time an election would roll around the Democrats would tell their voters that the evil Republicans wanted to take their Social Security away. Older voters were frightened into voting Democrat. Times are a bit different right now. More and more people realize – and have realized for years – that Social Security is a fraud and it probably won’t be around for them when they retire. So … they’ve made other plans.

The old “Republicans will take your Social Security away” ploy isn’t working all that well any more. People have figured it out. The Republicans had control of the congress and the White House for quite a few years and Social Security wasn’t touched. So … clearly something new is needed. That’s where ObamaCare comes in. The Democrats don’t (yet) have control over your retirement, so how about control over your health care? That, my friends, is a life-and-death type of control. Strong stuff. And the Democrats know that once the American people are completely dependent on government for their health care they will be easily led. Health care is the ring the Democrats want to put through your nose. They’ll hold the rope. When they yank, you follow — right to the polls. The old “The Republicans want to take your Social Security away” ploy will be replaced with “The Republicans want to take your health care away.” There you go .. guaranteed looter majority for generations to come.

Last week the looters were trying (with limited success) to make a big story out of Tom Ridge’s assertion that George Bush tried to gain political advantage by raising the terror alert level before 2004 and 2006 elections. Someone explain to me how using the death of Ted Kennedy to stir up the emotions of the American people so that they can nationalize health care is all that different.

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Hey Brits: Butt out, already!

Posted: 27 Aug 2009 07:34 AM PDT

I have great admiration for the British, but… I wish they would butt out of our national conversation (debate, argument…etc.) about socialized medicine in America. I DON’T GIVE A DAMN HOW WELL THEY LOVE THEIR NHS (National Health Service). It is THEIR NHS… not ours.

Understand, my British friends, this is America. We are not Brits. Our ancestors came here (to escape your island) in vast numbers – including my own. If you love your NHS, then, by all means keep it. We don’t want it here and we are going to fight it all the way to the finish line and beyond!

Oh, and one other thing, if you British folks are so enamored of President Obama, then you can certainly have him. He is quickly becoming the most unpopular president in the history of our republic. His popularity is dropping like a stone and picking up speed as it falls.

Look, you don’t understand us, you never have. America is, in fact, two countries that have agreed to try to live together under one government. Well, that is not absolutely accurate, either. Allow me to explain:

You should understand the southern half of the country is a part of the US only because it was forced to return to the fold at the point of a Federal Government bayonet! We have never forgotten that and we still chafe under the burden of that memory. We have great difficulty in trusting the federal government at anytime. But, especially when we are being openly lied to and we perceive that even more of our freedom will be taken away if Socialized Medicine is installed in this country.

You Brits are used to a socialized society. We Americans are not. I find it interesting that about the only part of this country leaning toward socialism is that portion we call “NEW ENGLAND,” and, of course, the west coast states, which are slightly left of Joe Stalin, and really ought to be another country unto themselves, anyway.

Recently I had someone leave a comment on my blogsite ranting that I did not like “FREE” healthcare. Can you believe that? The level of ignorance that it takes for ANYONE to believe that socialized medicine is FREE! Nothing is free – and certainly not socialized medicine. We will pay for it – that is – the taxpayers of America will pay for it – and, oh, brother, how we will pay for it.

If it were just the money it will take to finance this cradle to the grave socialized healthcare – that would be one thing – and indeed, that would be bad enough. But, when you read the bill before Congress you quickly see the government has taken unto themselves, under the provisions of the act, powers they have never had before and those power take away many, many, freedoms of the American citizens.

My regional paper printed an article this morning by Ara Darzi and Tom Kibasi titled: “ Britain’s Health System Nothing to Fear.” This same article ran in the Washington Post on August 17th. You will find the entire article HERE.

In late July and early August we told you the Obama Regime would pour on the coal during the month of August to try and pass their Socialized Medicine act into law in America. And they have. Now we know they have even enlisted assistance from offshore… from the British Isles, to be exact.

What this means to those of us opposed to the loss of our freedom is simply that we must step up our game as well.

We know Obama has the democrat votes to pass the bill without a single republican vote. The pressure is now being applied to Obama to do just that. And, frankly, that is exactly what I expect him to do. He won’t like it, but he WILL do it. Obama knows it will hand the GOP a campaigning tool for the 2010 elections and 2012 elections no amount of money could purchase for the republicans.

In the meantime we must keep the pressure on our Senators and Congresspersons to vote against ObamaCare. And above all, we must prepare to clean the house of as many democrats as we possibly can in November of next year.

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Teddy Kennedy: Shovel ready in America

Posted: 26 Aug 2009 08:22 PM PDT

The only thing that is “shovel ready” in America today is Teddy Kennedy’s corpse and casket. Fortunately for his mortician, Kennedy had already embalmed himself.

One can only pray that his brand of insane, unrealistic, and very expensive liberalism will be buried with him, but that is not likely so long as our Marxist President draws breath.

With considerable schadenfreude I watched as William Kristol, founder and editor of The Weekly Standard, choked back his utter disdain for Teddy Kennedy during a panel discussion on the Fox News. Columnist Charles Krauthammer had nothing good to say of Kennedy either and it was to both their credit they did not feign any regret over his passing beyond the standard expression of sympathy for his family.

After prayers are said over his bloated remains, he will be interred in Arlington cemetery beside his brothers Jack and Bobby. The baby of the family, an indifferent student, boozer, womanizer, and bloviator, Teddy managed to get to the far Left of his more distinguished brothers.

Their careers in public service were as proxies for their power-mad father who rose from poverty as a bootlegger. These days he would probably be driving an 18-wheeler full of cigarettes from North Carolina to Boston.

He wanted, believe it or not, to be president, but FDR put an end to that nonsense. When oldest son, Joe, Jr., died in World War II, he turned to Jack to fulfill that ambition. The dutiful son complied, greatly assisted by the brilliant Ted Sorenson and the flamboyant, best character of the group that got him elected, Pierre Salinger. To the astonishment of everyone, Jack picked brother Bobby to be his Attorney General. They were a tight-knit family, the Kennedys.

When Bobby was assassinated during his campaign to become president (by a Palestinian—something that nobody ever bothers to mention), daffy, pudgy little Teddy was shoved in line to fulfill the same demented ambition. Only the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne, something he failed to report for more than 24 hours, put a stop to his presidential ambitions.

This is America’s “dynasty”? That was “Camelot”? The Soviet Union’s clownish Nikita Krushchev took a look at Jack and decided he could get away with putting long-range missiles in Cuba. He was mistaken.

Can you even imagine what comparable world leaders today are thinking of Barack Obama who wet his pants trying to decide whether to kill some Somali pirates that were holding an American ship captain captive and for ransom? Who couldn’t find a good word to say for the brave Iranians in the streets of Tehran protesting that monster, Ahmadinejad and the crazed ayatollahs? Et cetera!

Now the Democrats, who can’t find enough votes among their own pathetic herd in Congress, the majority party, intend to rename the totally Socialist “universal healthcare” bill after Teddy in a lame effort to ram it through despite polls and town hall meetings, phone calls, emails and faxes by the hundreds of thousands denouncing it.

If passed would hasten the bankruptcy of a nation rendered bankrupt by Obama and the Democrats. What a legacy!

As the Irish are fond of saying, let us be about our Father’s work. Let’s shovel Teddy under and get on with saving the nation from the likes of him and those to whom he has passed the torch.

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Goldberg recycles AIM archives in laughable “scoop”

Posted: 26 Aug 2009 10:57 AM PDT

Former CBS News employee and “insider” Bernard Goldberg breathlessly asserted on the O’Reilly Factor on Tuesday night that a source had given him a “Deep Throat type of tip” about the old Rathergate scandal, in which then-CBS Evening News anchorman Dan Rather had used forged documents to smear President George W. Bush before the 2004 election. Goldberg said the information was so important that he was putting it immediately on his website. Sure enough, he posted it at 7:58 p.m. EDT, just before he appeared on the O’Reilly show.

Goldberg claimed that 99.9 percent of the people, including O’Reilly, didn’t know anything about this “lost crucial fact.” O’Reilly, playing along, wanted Goldberg, a Fox News contributor, to give us his “exclusive.”

Sorry Bernie. Your “scoop” is old news. It’s no “exclusive.” Your Deep Throat is pulling your leg. AIM had the story four years and seven months ago and everyone knows it.

This fiasco is an extreme embarrassment for Goldberg, who used to be known for incisive critiques of liberal media bias.

The blockbuster information, Goldberg energetically told O’Reilly, had been plucked out of the report of the panel which investigated the scandal. It was on page 130, Goldberg explained, emphasizing again that he had somehow been given inside information from an anonymous source. The bombshell was that the report found that Bush had volunteered for service in Vietnam, contrary to what CBS News reported.

An obvious question is why Goldberg, flashing pages from the report, had never read it until now. We had done so.

Let’s go to the AIM archives, available on the AIM home page under “Search the AIM site.” Here’s the release we issued on January 10, 2005. It said: “Accuracy in Media said today that the newly released report on how CBS News handled the Bush National Guard story contains a bombshell that further undermines the credibility of CBS News anchorman Dan Rather and his close collaborator and associate, producer Mary Mapes. The report reveals on page 130 that Mapes, one of those fired because of the scandal, had documented information in her possession before the controversial September 8 broadcast that George W. Bush, while in the Texas Air National Guard, ‘did volunteer for service in Vietnam but was turned down in favor of more experienced pilots.’ This information is critical because Dan Rather, in the broadcast, insinuated that Bush was among the ‘many well-connected young men [who tried to] pull strings and avoid service in Vietnam.’”

Notice how we emphasized the information had been on page 130.

I was quoted in the release as saying, “Mapes, who was very close to Rather and enjoyed his confidence, had the evidence exonerating Bush of this malicious charge. The report shows that there were multiple credible sources to prove that Bush did not try to avoid Vietnam by going into the National Guard and that he was in fact willing to go to Vietnam as a pilot. However, CBS News deliberately kept this information from its viewers and conveyed an opposite impression because Rather, Mapes & Company were trying to depict Bush as a coward who, as Commander-in-Chief, was sending American soldiers to their deaths in Iraq.”

Later that year, in November 2005, Roger Aronoff and I wrote a column about Mapes going on a book tour. We noted that the report into the scandal found that “George W. Bush offered to go to Vietnam while in the National Guard unit. This was a critical fact, undermining the entire premise of the CBS News story that Bush went into the National Guard to avoid Vietnam.”

In yet another column, dated November 17, 2005, I pointed out that “The Thornburgh/Boccardi report into the scandal did reveal on page 130 that Mapes had documented information in her possession before the controversial broadcast that George W. Bush, while in the Texas Air National Guard, ‘did volunteer for service in Vietnam but was turned down in favor of more experienced pilots.’ This information is critical because Rather, in the broadcast, insinuated that Bush was among the ‘many well-connected young men [who tried to] pull strings and avoid service in Vietnam.’ This means that Mapes had the evidence exonerating Bush of the malicious charge of going into the National Guard to avoid Vietnam. The report shows that there were multiple credible sources to prove that he was in fact willing to go to Vietnam as a pilot. However, CBS News deliberately kept this information from its viewers.”

So how can Goldberg, with a straight face and a clear conscience, go on a national cable news show on August 25, 2009, and claim he has a new angle on a scandal that is almost five years old? Who is this faux Deep Throat that gave him a call a couple of days ago with this explosive information that was probably based on material from AIM? This isn’t news; it’s comedy.

What’s more, before going on O’Reilly, Goldberg claimed to have done some research into whether anyone did in fact cover this aspect of the scandal. He reports on his website that, “I made an online check and discovered that while a few websites noted the CBS finding, the story got no ink (that I could find) on the news pages of any big mainstream paper.”

A few websites? AIM had trumpeted the finding in a press release and subsequent columns. We gave interviews about the scandal to dozens of media outlets around the nation. Did our press release and columns show up in Goldberg’s “research?” It seems clear they did.

AIM happens to be the oldest media watchdog group in the country, celebrating our 40th anniversary this year. We are not just another website.

Indeed, it looks suspiciously like Goldberg’s secret “source” simply had access to the AIM archives, even if Goldberg did not. It’s too bad that Goldberg failed to acknowledge on the air that we had the story four years and seven months before he did. Of course, to make such an admission would make Goldberg look like a Johnny-come-lately-more than four years after the fact-to an important story.

To carry this to an even more ridiculous extreme, some outlets such as Newsbusters, TVNewser and Gawker ran stories that bought into the line that Goldberg was somehow coming up with a fresh angle on the Rathergate mess. They were taken in as well.

If Goldberg is so desperate for story ideas that he has to recycle old information from the AIM archives, we suggest he take up the Van Jones scandal, currently being pursued by Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck. We published a story about this on Tuesday, giving credit where credit is due. Here’s a hot story about a communist in the Obama Administration whose background is being actively concealed by administration officials. This is a scandal that could use a legitimate Deep Throat.

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