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The case for the “Usurper” in the Whitehouse

May 26, 2012

Jerome Corsi’s Book; Where Where”s The Birth Certificate
This is one of the Best Books I have ever read. If you have or had doubts about the Eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama legally occupying the Oval Office, you will not have doubts that, by The Constitution of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama is INELIGIBLE, AND IS ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING THE OVAL OFFICE. I did not have doubts, that he was ineligible, but I bought this book, and read it to confirm suspicions I had all along. Furthermore, when Jerome Corsi, combined forces with Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, to further delve into the Eligibility Question, More Proof Has Surfaced of Obama’s Ineligibility. Facts in this Investigation are coming to light, and are going viral, despite the fact that Media Personnel lives have been threatened. AMERICA, WE HAVE A FRAUD OCCUPYING THE OVAL OFFICE IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

Holiday “Hag Shamach” May 20

May 3, 2012

Jerusalem Day is coming up on Sunday, May 20! Attention Synagogues, Churches and Non-Profit Organizations: If you would like to participate in our upcoming Jerusalem Day Photo Album to distribute to your members with your logo on the cover, please send an email to