Freedom of the press is under attack

In an effort to hide the awful truth from surfacing about his so-called “humanitarian crisis,” President Obama is now “muzzling the media” — attempting to control what Americans see and hear coming from Murrieta, California and areas impacted by his “invasion.”

Freedom of the press no longer matters to our Radical-In-Chief who has told the media they cannot record, or ask questions while touring a military facility in Oklahoma that is housing what Newsmax calls “tens of thousands of children, adults, gang bangers, and potentially Muslim terrorists.”

Instead, Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services is providing talking points and photos … (Sounds a little like Nazi Germany?).

Border Agents are being ordered to stop speaking to the media. Even elected officials are being denied access to housing facilities, while others, like Harry Cuellar (D-TX) are being told by the White House to stop criticizing Obama over the immigration crisis!

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