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          Zion’s Glory Update
July 10, 2014

The following is a Zion’s Glory prayer update from Eddie and Jackie Santoro in Israel. We encourage you to forward it to whomever you think might be interested in the following information. It is sent out in conjunction with a newsletter. If you are currently not receiving this information and would like to become a regular subscriber, please forward your name, email and address to us at

Dear Faithful Friend,
It’s Tuesday evening. Mom and Dad and their three young children are gathered in their small apartment, not far from Tel Aviv. Like everyone in Israel, they are sitting in front of the television watching the battle that is being fought with Hamas. Suddenly, the erie scream of the siren begins to crescendo and soon fills the night air. For a moment there is confusion. Isn’t this the center of the country far from the front line of the battle? Aren’t we out of the range of the Hamas rockets? The siren continues its harsh cry and suddenly snapping into focus- the parents grab their young children and join the rest of the occupants of the building as they rush to the public bomb shelter in the basement. Locking the door, they wait in silence. Just as suddenly as it started, the siren stops. In the quiet, there are several large explosions and then after few minutes, hoping that the danger has passed, they anxiously leave the shelter. The Iron Dome had done its job. The missile defense system had spotted the approaching missiles, locked onto their trajectory and in a few moments, the rockets carrying death and destruction were blown apart and fell to the ground harmlessly. The goal of the enemy had been to kill many, but by God’s grace and Israel’s advanced technology, their evil goals had not been accomplished.

On the same evening, on the other side of the country near Jerusalem, another couple is sitting in their living room. All is quiet when suddenly a huge barrage of missiles is fired from Gaza towards the capital city. These missiles are fairly large weapons, each carrying a payload of deadly explosives. The radar system that guards the entire country spots the speeding rockets. Quickly the computers determine that these deadly missiles are heading for Jerusalem. The sirens in and around Jerusalem go off and people all over the city take cover in their shelters. Again, the trajectory of the missiles is locked onto by the Iron Dome and a few moments later, the incoming threat is neutralized with loud explosions. The sirens cease their eerie cry, the people leave their safe rooms and a collective prayer of thanksgiving goes up before heaven. God has again protected His chosen city from those who would seek to destroy it.

It’s a joyous though pensive night in Ashkelon. The bride and groom are standing under the chupa about to exchange their vows. A large crowd of family and friends have gathered to celebrate this special occasion. Suddenly, the scream of the siren fills the night. There are only seconds between the launch of the missile from the enemy camp until the time of its impact. The bride and groom, along with the many guests run for cover. This time the Iron Dome misses its mark. The rocket speeds through the night air and comes crashing down with a loud explosion directly outside the wedding hall. The windows shatter and cars in the parking lot are destroyed. Police cars, fire trucks and ambulances come speeding to the place of impact. Amazingly, none have been injured! He who guards Israel never sleeps nor slumbers. A few minutes later the group regathers in another room and the vows are spoken and the wedding is completed.   (click on picture to see video of actual event)

Yesterday, we were having lunch with our ten year old granddaughter. Over the meal, she casually said to me, “Grandpa, yesterday 160 rockets were fired into Israel.” I was struck by how common place and natural this all seemed to her. In her short ten years, she has already experienced three times that Israel has suffered a rain of death from their enemies. How amazing it is to live in a land where the outrageous is accepted as common. What other nation in all the earth would sit by while over two hundred missiles were aimed at her cities and towns before finally responding?

And Respond We Did!

Today, Israel is beginning the third day of “Operation Defensive Edge”. A campaign that according to Prime Minister Netanyahu will extract a heavy price from Hamas for their blatant aggression against Israel. Already there have been over 750  attacks in the Gaza Strip in the first 56 hours. The targets include terrorist infrastructure, command and control centers, weapons, jihadist leaders and terrorist fighters. The Israeli government has promised that the campaign will be intensified in the coming days with a land invasion being held out as a possibility.

Yesterday, the military was given authority to activate up to 40,000 reservists. All over Israel, men are exchanging their civilian clothes for uniforms to become a part of the force that is called to defend this land. In times like this the deep truth that “All Israel are brothers” is lived out in a very real way. It is this undergirding unity that enables this nation to persevere through so many decades of warfare and opposition.

Here are a few current reports:

  • Hamas has succeeded in launching rockets 120 KM into Israel with some of them landing just south of Haifa. Almost all of Israel’s major population centers have come under enemy fire.
  • Over 100 rockets were launched into Israel on Wednesday alone. In spite of Israeli attacks, the rockets continue to be fired from Gaza.
  • Yesterday four terrorists attempted to infiltrate Israel from the sea. They were intercepted by Israeli troops and all were killed.
  • Israel destroyed the homes of all of Hamas’ senior leaders.The IDF reported that more targets have been destroyed in the first 36 hours of the present campaign than in the entire “Pillar of Defense” operation in 2012.
  • Hamas launched rockets yesterday evening at Dimona where Israel’s nuclear reactor is located. Two of the missiles were shot down by the Iron Dome with the remaining projectiles falling in empty fields. No damage was reported.
  • The “Iron Dome” missile defense system is operating at an amazing 92% success rate.
Tuesday night, the Body of Messiah from Jerusalem gathered for an emergency prayer meeting. How edifying it was to see brothers and sisters from most of Jerusalem’s congregations gathered together in unity to pray for God’s help and strength in this time of great danger.

A Tragic History
There is no joy in watching the men and women of Gaza suffer the wrath of Israel’s military might. As always, innocent people are caught in the midst and are dying and the fires of hatred are being ignited as young children see their homes destroyed. I ask myself why their leadership would bring such destruction upon themselves?

Eight years ago, Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip to give the Palestinian people a chance to build their nation. Funds were provided from all over the world. Israel, along with all peace loving nations waited in anticipation; would these people who have suffered and hated for so long finally cease their endless and hopeless struggle? Almost immediately the feared became reality. Instead of building a nation those empowered to lead these people built a terrorist camp. It is easier to destroy than to build. It is simpler to just blame Israel.          Instead of the trowel, they chose the gun. Instead of apartments for their people, they built storehouses for weapons. Instead of youth camps and schools to build unity and understanding in the hearts of their children, they chose to poison them with visions of martyrdom and murder.

Hamas knowingly brought this destruction upon themselves and their people. For weeks, Israel pleaded with their leadership to stop the attacks. They were told repeatedly they would receive “quiet for quiet” but they chose to continue. What sort of leadership would knowingly bring such destruction upon their people? What manner of delusion would cause them to open a battle with one of the strongest militaries in the world? Even today, the Hamas leadership publicly defended their use of human shields as a viable tactic against the “enemy”.

As the smoke rises above the destruction of Gaza, we see the fruit of a people who have chosen to serve Allah, the god of fear and death instead of the God of love. Today every Israeli knows that there can be no compromise with these forces of hatred. One must win and the other must lose. The battle is between light and dark. We praise God that in him, we walk in the light.

We thank you for your prayers.

We send you our love from Zion,
Eddie and Jackie

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