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No support given to Haiti by the Islamic world

January 23, 2010
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The CARMEL ALERT  Jan 22nd   2010
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to praying
 for Israel  and the salvation of the Jewish  people

A Messianic Ministry Based on Mt Carmel

David’s Comment:   Israel is Being Disproportionate Again !
Psalm  121:4  He who watches over Israel  neither slumbers nor sleeps

Many countries and world leaders  as well as the media have accused Israel of responding disproportionately to aggression from Hizbollah in Lebanon and more recently Hamas in Gaza. True in the Lebanon war of 2006, 150 Israelis died and moire than 1500 in Lebanon died.  That does seem disproportionate until these facts are considered  ……..

1/ a third of the Israelis killed were civilians
2/ Hizbollah fired more than 4000 rockets into northern Israel  –  one rocket killed 9 men in a train repair workshop and another killed 12 soldiers sitting ina  filed waiting to be deployed.   So lets say each rocket had the potential to kill on average 10 people  – thats a potential death toll of 40,000, but the number was only 150.  Now thats what I call disproportionate! 
3/ Israel was forced to go to war in Gaza due to the fact that 10,000 rockets were fired from Gaza into Southern Israel over 7 years. Again the death and injury count was disproportionately low, as near,y every rocket missed its mark.

What is even enormously more disproportionate is the size and power of the God of Israel, compared to anything or any other being in the Universe.  And He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.  That is why 90% plus of the rockets missed their targets.  Sadly much of the secular media seem to be on a personal vendetta against God, Bible believing Christians and Israel.  

It is time that the world press and media speak of another disproportionate response from Israel.  The terrible disastrous earthquake in Haiti has generated responses from many nations. The US has sent supplies and personnel, Britain sent 64 firemen and 8 volunteers, France sent troops for Search and Rescue. Many large and wealthy nations of the world sent money. It is being reported that the Arab and Moslem world have sent nothing.

In a totally disproportionate effort, Israel, a tiny nation of only 7.5 million people has sent a team of 220 people that include medical personnel who have  established the largest field hospital in Haiti, treating up to 5000 people a day.. Nearly 100 Haitian children are currently being cared for at the Israeli facility, most of them in serious condition. One baby has been delivered so far by Israeli midwives. Israel also sent an experienced Search and Rescue team and two jumbo jets full of medical supplies. As in previous earthquake disasters, such as in Gujarat India in 2001 and in Turkey , in the bombings in Kenya , Israel has been one of the most generous givers of aid and assistance.  (Turkey seems to have forgotten this help as its extreme Moslem Government is cozying up to Iran) Judge Goldstone, where are you now? You should be eating your heart out and hanging your head down in shame.  The favorite occupation for the last 43 years in the UN is Israel bashing. More resolutions have been passed condemning Israel than all the so called democratic nations such as Sudan , China , Russia and others for their crimes against their minorities.  But when it comes to acknowledging Israel’s many positive attributes, the silence is deafening.  Where are all of the usually very vocal pro-Muslim anti-Israel protesters now ?  Obviously they are only interested in venting their anti-Semitic hatred at every opportunity and are not interested in fairness and truth.

I think it is time that the world should know about Israel ‘s disproportionate response.    Please forward this to as many people as you can.

The Lord bless you as you bless Israel by standing in defense of her right to exist on the land given to the Jewish people by the God of Israel.  Lets pray that Israel will turn back to their God.  Do not be silent, but share this with your fellow Christians, share it with your pastors, and with anyone you have a chance to speak to. Lets also pray for that breakthrough to the Muslims,  and please remember to pray for all of the soldiers in the IDF -they are defending and fighting for the Kingdom of God.

Shabbat Shalom …. David & Josie 


1. Israelis Continue Saving Lives in Haiti    Israel Today News   Jan 21st
    Israeli rescue teams in Haiti assisted in the rescue and treatment of another two survivors discovered among the rubble of the devastated capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday.
Together with rescue teams from Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela, the Israelis helped pull two live female victims from a collapsed building.   One of the women was rushed to the Israeli field hospital where she received life-saving treatment.   The Israeli field hospital and the overall Israeli effort in Haiti continues to garner praise and accolades from world leaders and the international press. Hundreds have been treated at the Israeli hospital, 90 lives have been saved following severe injuries, and five babies have been delivered.   The Israeli facility is the only one on the scene equipped to handle the complex surgical procedures so many of the victims require. As a result, aid workers from many other countries are volunteering at the Israeli field hospital. Currently, 10 surgical teams from Britain, eight Columbian doctors and nine volunteers from California are working together with the Israelis at the facility.

2.  Obama Letter to Stress Need to Carve Up Israel for New PA State      Worldnet Daily   Jan 17th
    President Obama is planning to issue a letter in the next few weeks guaranteeing U.S. support for a plan to give much of the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem to Palestinians within two years, WND has learned.  The presidential letter is slated to stress U.S. commitments to Israeli security as well.  It would state the final borders of a Palestinian country will be determined by direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations but that the U.S. supports a Palestinian state in the general 1967 borders – meaning the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern Jerusalem.  According to a source in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, the Israeli leader is pushing against a formal letter from Obama, recommending the U.S. president issue an official oral declaration instead.   The contents of the letter are being discussed by Israelis with both Egypt and the U.S. and separately by the Palestinian Authority with Egypt and the U.S. Egypt is a key broker in the matter.   WND has learned that on Monday Israeli National Security Adviser Uzi Arad was in Egypt on a secret visit to discuss Israeli-Palestinian talks as well as the content of Obama’s future declaration.  Arad’s visit until now has not been reported by the news media.

3.  Israel Hit by Major Winter Storm   Israel Today News   Jan 18th
    The cold weather and heavy rains that have been pounding Europe finally made their way over to Israel on Monday, flooding much of the country.  The heavy rains brought traffic to a standstill in many areas, and destroyed at least one major bridge in the northern Negev region.  The rains were particularly troublesome for residents of the Negev, where roads are not made to handle such downpours. Monday’s showers brought triple the amount of the Negev’s usual annual rainfall.   The rains were expected to let up on Tuesday, but resume on Wednesday. Heavy snowfall is forecast for Mt. Hermon in northern Israel.  While the volume of the downpour is an inconvenience, Israeli officials hoped to capture much of the precipitation and use it to alleviate Israel’s growing water crisis.

4. Obama Acknowledges Failed Mideast Policy   Israel Today News   Jan 22
   US President Barack Obama said in an interview with Time magazine published on Thursday that he had erred in raising expectations of a quick and smooth peace process between Israel and the Palestinians under his auspices.   Obama said during his first year in office, he had learned what former presidents also had to discover the hard way – that there are deep-seated, ancient and religious differences at play in the Middle East conflict that make it difficult for either side to move forward.   Obama said he knew that it wouldn’t be easy going in, but overestimated his ability to persuade the Israelis and the Arabs to brush aside their disagreements and reach a final status peace agreement.   Obama almost seemed to excuse Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ intransigence by saying he had “Hamas looking over his shoulder and, I think, an environment generally within the Arab world that feels impatient with any process.”   Israel, on the other hand, was the recipient of muted criticism when the president said that only after “a lot of time” did Jerusalem finally offer and implement gestures to get talks back on track, and even then they were not the “bold gestures” Washington and the Arabs had demanded.
    In November, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu implemented a 10-month freeze on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria to entice the Palestinians back to the negotiating table. At the time, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised what she called an “unprecedented” move, and nearly scolded Abbas for remaining defiant.  But as the weeks went by and the Palestinians made it clear they would settle for nothing less than total Israeli surrender, the Obama Administration changed its tune and began pressuring Israel to come further in line with Arab demands.  An Israeli official cited by Israel’s Channel 2 News on Thursday said the Netanyahu government had warned Obama that making peace would not be so easy, and that for more than a decade Israeli gestures and concessions had only led to increased Arab demands that Israel couldn’t possibly meet.

5. London University Employs Muslim Extremist   ICEJ News  Jan 19th
     Reza Pankhurst, who was imprisoned from 2003 until last year for being a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir – a hard-line Islamist group, is currently employed as an assistant lecturer at the prestigious London School of Economics. He is accused, among other things, of involvement in a 2003 suicide bomb attack on Mike’s Place, a popular restaurant near the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, which was carried out by three British Muslims who entered Israel on tourist visas. Omar Sharif, one of the bombers, was a long time friend of Pankhurst and according to a mutual acquaintance Pankhurst played a key role in his radicalization. One LSE student told The Times of London on Saturday that Pankhurst preaches often in a mosque near the university and calls for “the dismantling” of the “illegal entity” of Israel and other anti-Western political positions.

6. Jordan Claims Iran Behind Attack on Israeli Diplomats   ICEJ  News   Jan 19th
Sources in Jordan intelligence announced on Monday that last week’s attempt to assassinate Israeli diplomats driving in a two-car convoy on the way home from Amman was carried out by local al-Qaida operatives with money and support from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in Iran, with the explosives used in the attack possibly smuggled into the country by Iranian diplomats. “We can see Iran’s fingerprints on the roadside bombing,” the sources said

7. Not All Settlers and Palestinians Want Each Other to Disappear     HA Arettz News   Jan 22nd
   In a Palestinian village somewhere between Hebron and Bethlehem, it was so cold and misty one day last month that you could barely see more than a meter away. It was as if the fog served as camouflage, a hiding place behind which a few dozen settlers and Palestinians were concealed. They had crowded together in the hall of a local school, ostensibly to talk about joint prayers for rain – which came even without the prayers – but in essence to talk about themselves. This time, for a change, within earshot of the other side.  It would be an exaggeration to say that brotherhood reigned in the school auditorium. Both sides spoke Hebrew, since most of the Palestinians work in settlements: one at the local council, another as a cleaner, a third as a veteran employee at a nearby yeshiva. When the son of the village elder complained that for 42 years they haven’t been allowed to build even a wall, one of the settlers replied: “We’re not being allowed to build, either.”
    “They’re building everywhere in Kfar Etzion, in Elazar, in Alon Shvut,” Muhammad, the mukhtar’s son, responded politely, albeit without trying to curry favor. “Why not me? We see your children. My child asks: ‘Why do the Jewish children have this and that, and I don’t?'”   Similarly, the word “fear” held a double meaning at this session. “I don’t want to be afraid any more,” said Efrat resident Yael Goldstein at one stage of the conversation. Her two children took part in the meeting and introduced themselves in Arabic, which they are studying so that they can get to know the neighbors. “I want to pick up an Arab hitchhiker; I see them shivering from the cold in the rain, or in the summer, and I want to take them, but I’m afraid. What can be done so that I won’t be afraid?”
“Why does a person have fear?” Muhammad answers. “You are afraid if you’ve done something wrong. If I haven’t done anything bad, why should I be afraid?” Muhammad did not go into specifics.


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