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Vote on November 3rd…

October 30, 2009

If you watch Fox news (and most of you do) you are aware that local elections are coming up on Tuesday next.

Many in the past have not gone to the polls and a result of that is now we have a president we don’t want, an economy we don’t want, debt we don’t want, taxes we don’t want, government run socialistic heath care we don’t want, indecision we can do without and generally the country is really messed up.

If we’re ever going to start to do something about it we must speak up now!

Go to the polls Tuesday and VOTE!

One vote, One country and One freedom you don’t want to loose.

Know the issues and find out which candidate best represents you.

In Brunswick County, North Carolina there is the issue of a billion dollar bridge that most people I have talked to feel we need desparately…and the sooner the better…A landmark bridge that will not only alleviate congestion on the roads crossing the Brunswick and Cape Fear rivers, but allow the local economy to prosper beyond imagination.

Just think of what a new road does to any area.  There is allways a boost to the ecomomy.  With good planning Brunswick county will not only be the fastest growing county, but it will also be the best for starting a business in and the best for living and retiring in.

One candidate says;  “It will cut my town in half…I don’t want it”  another candidate says;  “The Skyway is Myway”

Find out who said what and do your part and together we can make a difference for ourselves and for the next generation.

The temporary setback we have experienced will soon pass and we better hold on because the best ride is yet to come…

Vote on Tuesday!


The Election Issues…(for Leland, North Carolina)

October 26, 2009

The Skyway….The “Skyway is my way”  It’s part of the master plan and anybody who doesn’t want to move ahead with building it as quickly as possible should go live somewhere other than the “Coast”

Let’s face it, anybody retiring here is doing so for the Weather and the Coastal life style and we do need to get around…to say nothing of the grand apearance  of such a landmark structure looming magnificantly more than 60 feet over the water.

It will be an experience just to drive over it and the view alone would be worth the drive…Think of the post card you could send home to the kids or if we’re not using snail mail anymore by then you could “text” a great picture to the grand kids back home.


Consolidation…Another issue is the consolidation of the three or four small towns into Burough’s with a newly named city called North Brunwick Town to honor the origional settlement on the “west” side of the Cape Fear…the individual villages of Leland, Belville and Navassa would maintain their names as Boroughs within the larger city and would share resources, ei. Police department, water, sewer, and parks with a reduced tax per household possible because of the broader tax base.

No one likes to pay taxes, especially me!


A third issue is the completion of the interconnect roads between the neighborhoods on the East side and the neighborhoods on the West side.  With good design a drive to a shopping center would be one or two miles instead of 10..The Police could respond to an emergancy more quickly and the firehouse over on the River road could serve the Brunswick Forest area as well…This reality would cause the building of homes to boom again and give our most important industry (the building industry) an economic boost …

Imagine the Villages with movie theater, grocery store and all the rest  built to serve the whole area once the roads are completed.

People ask me what I think the area will look like in ten years….Well, all I can say is;  I lived in Central Florida when it was booming back in the ’70’s.  Go take a look for yourself…you won’t recognise the place in ten years….think of what it looked like ten years back!

I could go on and on about schools, firehouses, electric car dealerships and all the other services that would soon outshine our neighbors to the East…

After all; Brunswick county has the land to work with and all the beaches and golf courses up and down the coast to choose from.

In talking to many who have settled here, I find that after looking all up and down the coast they purposefully chose to locate here and spend their life savings living it up in the warm Carolina sun where we never run out of things to do nor fun in doing them.

Make your mark this Election day and cast your vote for the future with a vote for progressive thinking and new ideas leaving the “let’s leave things the way they are attitude” behind and launching out unafraid into the future.

Only you, together with many others just like you can make a difference.

My granddaughter made a sign which I hung up on the fence oposite the Belville elementary school (which is where you can go to vote on the 3rd)

..It says!

“Vote for my Grampa…Bob Boynton for Mayor of Leland”

I’m glad she asked!

I also ask for you to exercise your freedom and choose me, Bob Boynton for your new Mayor at the polls next Tuesday November 3rd.



A Vision for Leland…

October 21, 2009

Imagine coming over the bridge from the East and driving along a well manicured “causeway” to a little village on the Bruswick river with sidewalk cafes, wine shops, antique shops, hardware stores and just about any other shop or service you would want to spend some time in.

It is the place you deceided to retire to because it was “near” a little city on the Cape Fear river yet had all the amenities of a big city you were looking for…

There were quality brick homes on golf courses,  Movie theaters,  coffee shops…I could go on and on

Yet, all this could also be reached on a landmark bridge called the “skyway”..

In a few minutes you could drive your electric car 60 feet over the river back to that “little city” (which had now grown to a bigger city)

You were just as happy as you could be and glad that the people in the local government had had the vision to build, build, build and do it in an organized way…

This might also be a place with allmost no crime because of the friendly police in their electric cars and on their bicycles, peddeling from neighborhood to neighborhood keeping as safe as Mayberry.

Oh! did I mention the name?  This shangrila in southwest North Carolina is called North Brunswicktown after the historical settlement on the same side of the Brunswick river.  It was once called Leland, Bellville and Navassa but the citizens of the area voted in a referendum to change the name and now nobody remembers the hardships of the past.

The place was growing so efficiently that the municipality had to lower the taxes which caused more people to want to move here and spend more money and before you knew it you were living in the most desireable place for both you and your younger children that was rated a number #1 place to visit (or retire in) on the eastern seaboard.

Funny, a lot of people allready are of this opinion…but!  Is there not allways room for improvement?

Come visit us today!

Skyway is my way…

October 14, 2009

Today I went over to City Hall and listened to the deliberation of the “officials” for about an hour and then I left…

I came away with the conviction that the Skyway from New Hanover county should take the northern route just to the north of Brunswick Forest for the least impact on existing neighborhoods and the best advantage for improved flow of traffic and positive impact on local commerce.

If you google the area map and follow a path from the bottom of Independence Boulevard across the river passing south of Mallory Creek and leaving Shellmore of Brunswick Forest on the left, then along side the “wire road” to a cloverleaf on Ocean Highway #17 continuing west to Lanvale Road and then on to the soon to be built “loop” (I-140) you will have the complete route built on almost completely vacant land.

It behooves Brunswick County to set a moratorium on building in the “corridor” to allow the road to be engineered and built as quickly as possible without interference in the new neighborhoods nor in the newly constructed Cape Fear National Golf Course.

It will cost over a billion build the Skyway and even after the (on the go) tolls are figured in will still have an annual shorfall of at least 40 million each and every year for the next 40 years.

Wheww! roads are expensive.

Better to go ahead now as we are back on the track to prosperity (if not just inflation) and the costs will only escalate as time goes on.

After all, it’s just a number on a piece of paper or some bytes in a computer.  Barry and Rohm will cook the books and make it happen along with everything else.

….anyway! the Dow just shot over 10,000 today (October 14th,2009) and that should put us all in a good mood..

…also, Don’t forget to vote on November 3rd and remember a vote for Bob to do the job is a vote for Lelands prosperity in the future.

Exercise your freedom to choose and make a difference with your vote on the 3rd!

Wilmington Skyway meeting…

October 12, 2009

The proposed “Skyway” over the Cape Fear river from Wilmington, North Carolina to Leland in North Brunswicktown is a great idea!

If we set aside vacant land for it we can have it up in ten years.

The large golf and all-purpose neighborhoods being built alone Ocean Highway (Rt.#17) through Brunswick County will benefit as will travelers going all the way to Mertle Beach, South Carolina or even as far as Florida.

The single “causeway” with over 100,000 cars going over it each day needs a break! 

The Skyway will be a fixed bridge like the one in Charlston with a span 60 feet over the river to allow for large ocean-going freighters to pass under without delay.

The Skyway would be part of a “loop” around the busy metro area and a landmark that would define the area for all to see.

There is a meeting to agree on setting aside land in Brunswick and New Hanover counties this Wednesday (Oct. 14th) at 2:00 oclock in the Wilmington, North Carolina city Hall.  The public is invited to listen to the deliberation of the officials on both sides of the river…

Hopefully,  everyone will be enthusiastically in agreement with each other and the project can move ahead without delay.

Concerned citizens living in Brunswick Forest and Mallory creek may want to find out some of the advantages they will have in getting over the river without delay saving miles of travel time and being able to avoid the crowded Causeway.

Should Leland and Bellville merge?

October 10, 2009

There was a lot of talk the other night about whether Leland and Bellville should become one town…

Most of the people thought it would be a good idea if everyone else thought it would be a good idea…DUH!!!

Reality is that old-timers in the area (I can understand that) want to maintain the historisity of their individual villages…noted!

Lets add Navassa to the mix and lets draw a line that looks like a circle or close to it…Now lets forget about fighting over whether we call the new town Leland or Bellville or Navassa or Northwest.

Lets re-name the place North Brunswicktown after the origional settlement on the west bank of the Brunswick river. (the foundations of the origional homes and a great museum are still there)

I’m not one for historical revisionism, but in this case it might be good!

What do y’all think about this idea?

We don’t all have to agree, only a democratic majority and the town councils need to vote on it. (a local public referendum wouldn’t be a bad idea either)

May I suggest the democratic process? Oh! that’s another subject to be taken up at Town Hall.

Today (Saturday the 10th of October) there is a celebration at the origional Brunswick Town just south of Orton Plantation on the Brunswick river…See the article in todays 

If you’ve never been there, why not go!  The celebration includes period dress and should be a good place to pick up on the real facts about our local history.

Time is 10:00 to 4:00

…and don’t forget to vote on November 3rd.  Your vote could make the difference in more ways than you know.

Meet the candidate

October 7, 2009

Id like to invite y’all who live in Leland to come to a gathering to meet the candidates at Antonio’s meeting room right here in Leland in the new shopping center.

I’ll be there with the other candidates and you can deceide whom you will vote for.

November 3rd is fast aproaching and Leland needs a new Mayor who can bring it up to speed with nearby larger communities and still maintain the small village atmosphere.

All this while keeping costs down is the challange!

There are many good ideas on the drawing board from bicycle trails between the neighborhoods to complete reconstruction of “downtown” areas.

All this needs to be done quickly, inexpensively and with taste…after all, we live here and would like many more to come, buy houses, spend money and enjoy the coastal Carolina lifestyle with us.

See Y’all tomorrow at Antonio’s meeting room at 6:00 oclock