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Leland moving up…

September 8, 2009

This mornings paper had a great article in it about Leland, North Carolina and how it has big plans for the next 20 years…

The full article can be seen at:

I’ve seen the plans and they are great!  I’m looking foward to the bike trails between the neighborhoods and the retail establishments.

Living in it will be great fun to take a bicycle (or Segway) from my front door to the community center on Village Road, the Brunswick River on River Road, Harris Teeter at Waterford, bowling at Magnolia Greens, Golf at Cape Fear National or take in a movie and have a cup of coffee in the Villages at Brunswick Forest.

I’ve named only a few of the attractions…we have many others now and many to come.

Come live with us in North Brunswick and watch progress in action.

With an enthusiastic government and school system we will show the world what many municipalities only dream of.

And while your at it, visit us this Saturday at Town Hall Park for our 20 year celebration…looking foward to the next 20…

We encourage small business and free enterprise of all types to thrive in our town.

We call it “Founders Day” in Leland and Y’all are welcome!  (Saturday the 12th of September starting at 10:00 in the morning)…there will be music!


Cast your vote now!

September 2, 2009

Leland’s not Tabor City…

September 2, 2009

Leland may not be anywhere near as bad as Tabor City when it comes to dirty politics and shady dealings…

In fact, Leland has really cleaned up lately!

Too bad improvement takes so long.

…and we still have too large a budget for the number of people living here…We should maybe reduce the size of our city expenses rather than charging more fees on more permits to pad the walls of the treasury.

I propose a reduction of 50% in land taxes and a complete abolishment of all “fees” but not the fines associated with breaking the law…Those should be increased.

Sometimes you just need a fresh approach.  Everything is not gloom and doom but after 4 years of the same ol’, same ol’ it may be time for an update in our leaders.

The market (as I see it) is starting to turn.  We may be on the cusp of rapid inflation with incredible developement opportunities.

We’ve got the location.  We’ve got the space…and we’ve got ambitious builders and Entrepreneurs who are ready, willing and able to continue with rapid growth on “our” side of the river (Cape Fear).

Let’s give them the “go-ahead” as quickly as possible and show the other guys that Leland does not hold back on good developement…

…and while we are doing that, lets get the D.O.T. (the bridge-builders, road builders and maintenance crews) to realize that we are proud of our “little” town and want it to grow the correct way (no “cob-jobs”) with proper drainage (for storm water) and continuous (weekly) maintenance, looking good to the many travelers driveing thru on hwy 17 who may be our neighbors in years to come.

By the way…I’m still in favor of merging the 3 small towns and re-naming the new combined one after the origional historic settlement of Brunswick Town.

The new name would be New Brunswick Town…Neat Huh?

Let Tabor City stay small and “backwoods”…We, “North Brunswick Town” wants to GROW!


September 1, 2009

Have you seen the new ad on TV where a bunch of kids are pledging aliegance to the “debt” of the United States of America?…and to its compound interest for which it stands?

…and the article where it says “Fees” are the new Taxes?

We woke up this morning (September 1st) in North Carolina to new taxes authorized by a governor that apparently can’t reduce spending and stay on a budget.

It reminds me of a farmer who can’t make ends meet so he tries to get more milk out of his cows to pay the bills, but the cows have no more grass to eat because the farmer didn’t think ahead and provide a suitable pasture for them to graze in.

Yes, we have become the cows and the present government(s) is(are) the short sighted farmer(s).

True, most cows can’t think too well on their own, yet they can be content if not pushed too hard or milked too roughly.

I think, from the looks of the town hall meetings (especially the one crossing the country right now) the people of our land are fed up with being “milked” to death and would like to kick the present “farmers” out and get a new one.

Some of us got sold a bill of goods by the present administration and don’t like what we are ending up with…

It’s time to have our voices heard and have the Taxes and fees reduced to a level of responsiblity so we and those who follow us can live and pasture in green fields and not be “milked” dry.

Moo’ve over farmer Brown!

We need to breath…maybe when we get back to the barn tonite we can have a “town meeting” and deceide whether or not to “give” any more “milk” without proper representation.

Do we need a sign?

July 22, 2009

Brunswick county is soon to wage political havoc with the area’s highways by placing “signs” for their candidate of choice…as if we didn’t have enough distractions allready…

Cell phones…bridges opening and closing…18 wheelers…texting technoheads…billboards and ads on the radio fill our attention span and now we will have political signs as well.

I contend that with todays savvy voters watching and listening to the news, reading their papers and checking their computers for the latest facts world-wide it shouldn’t be too hard to find out who is running for what office, what he or she has to offer to the tax-payer (while in office) and then choosing whom they will vote for come November 3rd.

We all want to get out there and vote….this time being more carefull then to pick the one who offers the bigest “pie-in-the-sky” change that will put us and our kids in the poor house…

Sensible growth with frugal spending adhearing to the principles of our founding fathers who were all for limiting the size of government but maximizing liberty and freedom for the average citizen…(they didn’t even have an income tax)…

Providing for the common good…encouraging the hard work and success of  “mom and pop” businesses that are the backbone of our society.

Let’s stay away from big government, heavy spending and restrictions on our freedom…Some call it Socialism! (they want to do it all for us as if we were a flock of sheep)

Sometimes you just have to go live in the countryside or live in a small town and get involved in the political process that made America great and built the country that no one has to apologise for.

Wave (Old Glory) our flag and be proud to be an American in small town America…Let’s all pull together and show the world just how great America is…a FREE capitalistic nation with equal oportunity and liberty for ALL!

Ocean Highway thru Leland…

July 22, 2009

The Ocean Highway (route #17) through the low country of North Carolina just west of the Cape Fear river and the historical town of Wilmington has a rich heritage all its own.

Years ago as a boy I remember the Mothball fleet of World War II Liberty ships anchored in the Brunswick river just south of the causeway over the flats to Leland.

The ships are gone now but the river is still deep (and some of the moorings are still on the river banks) from the dredging of years ago.  Plans for a modern river front with boardwalk will compliment Wilmington’s once built by the neighboring town of  Bellville.

A beautiful village with a view of the river and the skyline of Wilmington in the distance is Lelands neighbor Bellville (beautiful village).

With the tri-cities co-operating in economic developement, the vision for the future is bright indeed…So, let’s start with a program to beautify the ocean highway with neatly edged and weekly mowed grass, highlighted with flowering trees and beds of flowers to show the world how much we care.

There are plans to widen the causeway (the only path accross the marsh between the rivers) to three lanes in each direction…a shovel ready project worthy of some of that money being spread around the nation for shovel ready projects.

The ocean highway continues through Leland past the beach towns of Holden, Ocean Isle and Sunset, all the way to the border.. 

With Leland as the gateway not only to Brunswick county (the fastest growing county on the coast) but as a showplace for visitors and residents to all the Brunswick county beaches, golf courses and southern life-style neighborhoods, lets make the Ocean Highway all that it can be and elect those officials who can make this happen.

Change we can believe in?

Land of promise…

July 9, 2009

Leland, in coastal North Carolina:  Just across the rivers (Cape Fear and Brunswick) lies a land of opportunity and promise.

Named after the son of the local Postmaster years ago, Leland has slept in the shadow of the historical city of Wilmington for many years…

Recently Leland, now known as the “Gateway” to beautiful Brunswick County is “morphing” to the new Bruswick Town it is destined to become.

New housing developements, shopping centers and civic centers will soon rival the streets of downtown Wilmington in friendly competition for business, recreation and retirement making places like Brunswick Forest, Magnolia Greens, Waterford, Westport, Mallory Creek and many other neighborhoods the choice for active people from all over.

Just a little encouragment in some areas of general “housekeeping” will have people sitting up and taking notice…

Imagine highways with neatly trimed and flowering vista’s flowing through the area…Sidewalks and river walks for people to prominade on…Clean parks and boat ramps for recreation with small boats.

Of course, there will be new schools, ball fields, civic auditoriums and churches for “One nation under God”

If this is your vision as it is mine, come to Leland and spend some time.  We have a brand new hotel with swimming pool, a bowling alley around the corner and other hotels and entertainment centers either currently being built or on the drawing boards.

Don’t blink! this is all happening fast and getting in on the “ground floor” may be just what the doctor ordered.