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Obama in violation of International law

June 29, 2009

By insisting that it be made easier for Muslims to give to “charity” groups who have been found to be channeling funds to Hamas and other terrorist groups.

By sending 300 million to Gaza that is run by the terrorist group Hamas…By aiding Hizballa in Lebenon and by reaching out in charity to Muslims in general, Obama has violated not only International law but US law as well.

It is illegal to support any terrorist group and to say, as he does, that he supports international law and that that law is requiring us to comdemn the building of houses in Israel which would aid the terrorist/Islamic cause he is lying.

It is time to speek the truth Obie, either you will honor the law by preventing funds going to international and domestic terrorist groups or you are working for the terrorists and should no longer be our president.

It’s time to cal a spade a spade..(no pun intended)

This is just another brick in the dismanteling of our national house by Obie the clown in the Whitehouse with the big ears and clueless space between them.


Executive order for who?

June 29, 2009

Obie does it again!

This time it’s an executive order to keep the terrorists at Guantanimo detained (somewhere else) indefinately and to send 100 of them to Saudi Arabia.  Wait a minute…isn’t that where they came from?  

Is Obie’s buddy, the King of Arabia (an Islamic brother) someone who would imprison/detain these terrorists indefinately? …or someone who would free them into an Islamic society and thus back into the Islamic world to raise terror with the non-islamic world (sic.) us?

Again, we have to ask ourselves who this man with the big ears is really working for?  is it the citizens of the United States who according to Islamic Sharia law are the Infidel or is he working for some cleric he writes secret letters to in Iran or a king who is a Czar of oil whom he perports to separate himself from with a new energy tax that will cripple our industries who need oil to survive.

More jobs and freedom from imported oil sounds good but who said it needs an executive order from Obie to accomplish.

Is this Obie a power monger or what?

Is Obie condeming violence but not the Islamic religious clerics behind the violence?

Now what’s all this condemnation by the “G-8” that would tell a free democracy not to build houses for their citizens and yet allow a subversive Sharia based regime to build nuclear “power plants” (say) bombs when they have enough oil coming out of their ears (I think Netenyahu said the part about oil in the ears) to provide all the electrical energy they would ever need.

It’s interesting to see Ahamadinijad/prince of Persia rushing up to see Putin/price of Russia to cower with him till the smoke clears…I wonder what sort of Islamic coalition those two will conjure up.  Will it be the 5-nation coalition mentioned by the prophet Ezekial?

Maybe Obie knows.

Priorities of our president…

June 29, 2009

What people do says more about them then what they say yet, the tongue is a rudder that steers a great ship.

In this case the actions are what Obama did about the killing of inecent young women and boys in Tehran…the tongue is what he says and the great ship is, of course our American homeland.

Neda is forgoten by the state of Persia/Iran.  Taken from her family and given a state burial.  We (our president) who is supposed to speak for us says; “I do not know how this will develop so I’ll wait and not let the world know what I stand for, remain silent and negotiate later with the winner”…not exactly, but that’s the drift of his comments.

On the other hand when it comes to Israel (our democratic friends) we are pro-palestinian(say Islamic) and “medel” in their soveriegn affairs to the extent that we tell them not to build homes for their citizens on their own land.  Go figure, who is for whom and have we lost our bearing?

This weekend the whole nation is talking about the passing of a rock star gone bad rather than remembering a popular star who brought awareness to real life and the struggle to live it healthy exercising free choice hiring the doctors of her own choosing.

We might be directed to think about the catastrophy of socialized medicine and warned to avoid its implimentation by our great leader than to get caught up in all the sensationalism and fanfare of what the liberal media would have us to believe.

Obama needs to remember the the main responsibility he has been elected to administer is the security of our nation and to show an ethical and honourable leadership of the people and their wishes…not his own nor the wishes of some foriegn cleric whom he might be writting to behind our back.

We the people would like to see a copy of that letter…

Obama’s inside track to Islam

June 24, 2009

Does “Obie” with the big ears know something he isn’t telling the news media?  Did he write a letter to the Islamic head of Iran before the protest of the Iranian(Persian) people because he thinks he has an inside track to him?

It’s clear that Obie thinks he knows more than the common man about Islam, Sharia law and the Islamic world but is he one of them?  Is Obie on our side or the side of Islam.  Is he still the Muslim his step-father registered him as in Indonesia as a child?

The teachings of the Hadith and the unholy Koran say that there are only two kinds of people in the world…the muslim and the non-muslim.

Islam teaches that if a muslim leaves his faith and becomes non-muslim then he must be killed.  Islam also teaches that in Jihad a Muslim is obligated to lie to the infidel(non-muslim) for the sake of advancing the Islamic world for allah(a wooden image of the moon god found in Mohamad’s pantheon of 300 gods back in the 8th century).

Either “obie” is an apostate from Islam and must be killed or he is still a muslim and is lying to the non-muslim world..ei. the American people who put him in office because of his lies.

I don’t see any Sahid(terrorist) trying to kill “Obie” so he must be still a muslim and the statement by him that he is a “Christian” is just a lie that the cleric of Iran and those who have declared war on the non-muslim world are fully aware of…thus the “inside track”.

Our Presidential frustration

June 23, 2009

It used to be that we Americans could rely on our President to represent us on the world stage as a confident, prosperous and principled democracy.  Those days have left us with the Obamanization of our proud nation.

We now can count on “Obey” geneflecting to every creed, economy and authority on the face of this planet.  Forget the fact that we are founded on Judeo-Christian law..Obey bows to the “king” of the Islamic world and welcomes Sharia law as a partnerable entity as through the federal reserve impliments Sharia finance.

“Obey”   Yes, that’s an apropriate name because he Obey’s the Mulla’s of the Islamic world as does the liberal media.  Komani’s rant about the Zionist entity being resposible for the uprising in Iran is not mentioned and “Obey” waits to see how it will turn out to see who he will bow down to next.  Can you imagine Reagan waiting 8 days to respond to a justified and peaceful demonstration for democracy the way Obey did?

Just wait until the bill comes in for the new Health care program.  It will make you positivly sick!

We really need to stop this madness before it goes furthur or we will cease to be a free society and will be worse off than the Socialistic societies of Europe to say nothing of the Islamic madness which has overtaken the thinking of Germany, France and England.

But then, again Obey did say “my Muslim religion” or did  we miss that in the rush to “change”

Hello world!

June 21, 2009

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