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A Message from Sarah during the “High Holy Days” of Israel

September 26, 2009
Todd and I would like to offer our best wishes to the Jewish community as they celebrate the High Holy Days. With the celebration of the Jewish New Year this week and the observance of the Day of Atonement next week, we are reminded of the hopeful commitment to renewal and peace exemplified by the Jewish tradition and the Jewish people throughout history.

Yom Kippur, the most solemn and important of the Jewish holy days, is a time of reflection and supplication for forgiveness. The timeless human struggle to promote justice, harmony, and peace is seen here in this process of atonement – in humbly seeking pardon for past wrongs in the hope of a new beginning. It reminds us that if we wish to co-exist globally, we must all strive for forgiveness and tolerance.

A speech was given at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday that was full of hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric. It was a shameful display before a body whose very charter is premised on the need for co-operation and harmony in pursuit of peaceful co-existence between nations. Such talk was especially abhorrent coming as it did during the Jewish High Holidays. The world community must speak with one voice in declaring anti-Semitism and all forms of intolerance and racism utterly unacceptable. There is no place in the community of peace-loving nations for those who traffic in hate or deny the terrible atrocity of the Nazi Holocaust.

In this holy season, we join the Jewish people in the struggle to promote justice, harmony, and peace. May God bless them.

– Sarah Palin

Out of Zion

September 25, 2009

The CARMEL ALERT September 25th 2009
A compilation of news reports from the past week for the information of those committed to praying
 for Israel  and the salvation of the Jewish  people

David’s Comment:  Is the Lord Preparing For a Major Move ?
There are so many interesting dynamics taking place here in Israel and all around the world, it is difficult to know where to begin this article.  Just a few hours before I began to write this, US President Obama met separately with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and PA leader Mahmud Abbas.  This, just a few days after Obama’s “star” peace negotiator George Mitchell returned to the US from the Middle East, after failing to achieve any firm commitment from either party, in spite of several days of ‘shuttle diplomacy’.  Obama, who just doesnt like to take NO for an answer remained firm on bringing the two leaders face to face in New York, where both men have come to attend the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. 

From the report I just read Obama behaved like a school teacher, standing in a dominating manner over the two “bad boys” from the Middle East, scolding them for the lack of progress and demanding that they sort their issues out, not just for the sake of their people, but for the sake of the whole world. One thing is for sure, Obama would have used manipulation to coerce the two men to fall in line – with his line.  Then Obama chaired a meeting between Netanyahu and Abbas.  From media reports, Obama managed to get Netanyahu and Abbas to agree to restart peace talks with no pre-conditions, but politicians being politicians, who knows what the outcome will really be. 

Obama is not exactly stepping where no man has stepped before. Many leaders have tried to forge a lasting peace between the Israelis and the so called Palestinians, who are the real illegal occupiers of the Promised Land – the land God promised to Abraham & his descendants.  Every recent US president has tried, and failed miserably.  I seriously doubt if it will be any different this time around.  Yes, Obama has a lot of weight behind him – the weight of Hell, but the God of Israel carries more weight.  Lord help us never to forget that fact !   I also seriously doubt that Obama takes the Bible seriously.  If that was not the case, would he not be very wary of flying directly in the face of the Holy One of Israel.  Seems to me that like all of the others before him, Obama has no idea of Who he is messing with, or the dire consequences he and the nation he leads will face for attempting to divide the Lord’s land.  Obama may have the weight of Hell behind him, but I promise you he will suffer the same fate as all those who have gone before him in conspiring against Israel & the Jewish people – Pharaoh, Nebechanezer, Haman, Antiochus Epiphanes, Herod, the Caesars and Hitler.   For it is not Israel and the Jews they have opposed, but God Himself and His Anointed One. (Psalm 2:1 – 2)

Over in Iran the mad president Armedinejhad is again denying the Holocaust, and puffing himself up in front of the whole world. As well as his inflammatory rhetoric, Iran continues to race towards completing their nuclear power preparations.  Rest assured that Israel closely observed every move that Iran takes and most of the Israeli leadership are in rarely seen unity, in realising that Israel can not live with a nuclear powered enemy nation like Iran only a few minutes missile flying time away from our population centres.  There are not too many options on the table for Israel to deal with this situation.  However the God of Israel may already be at work  …… Up above a big military parade in Tehran on Tuesday, Sept. 22, as Iranian president declared Iran’s armed forces would “chop off the hands” of any power daring to attack his country, two air force jets collided in mid-air.  One was Iran’s “onlyairborne warning and control system (AWACS) for coordinating long-distance aerial operations, our military and Iranian sources disclose.  Air Force commander Brig. Gen. Ahmad Miqani boasted its new radar systems were made in Iran and able to spot any airplane or missile at a distance of 1,000 kilometres from Iran’s borders. The loss of this airborne control system has left Iran’s air force and air and missile defences without “electronic eyes” for surveillance of the skies around its borders.  ( see the news items for the full story )

In the financial world the markets seem to be in recovery mode.  Some market which in turn will boost more confidence experts are doing their best to generate optimsim, but others with their feet on the ground and their heads out of the sand are warning that it may well be a trap  – a short lived rise designed to catch the investors once again.  If this is the case, whoever has any of their previous fortune left after the crash that began during the Fall Feast season last year, will stand to lose everything and the global financial system may well pass away completely, ushering in the New World Order that End-Time preachers like the late Barry Smith from NZ, and American Jack van Impe have been predicting for more than 30 years.  This could well be the time they have been looking to.

Islam continues its premeditated plan to take over the once Christian world.  Their plan is succeeding in the UK and Europe. Now the Muslims are focusing on taking over the USA.  The US president has a Muslim background and is doing everything he can to appease Muslims. Today is the big Muslim Day of Prayer in Washington DC.  “Abdul Malik” is one of  two organizers listed on the rally flyer.  In a video posted on his Facebook page and discovered by bloggers at SquareMileWife, Abdul Malik explains: “Polygamy is an American tradition.”  In a post he writes: “Democracy is not revelation, and democracy does not equal freedom, for in democracy you have apartheid, you have slavery, you have homosexuality, you have lesbianism, you have gambling, you have all of the voices that are against the spirit of truth; so no we don’t want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy.”  If anywhere close
to the expected 50,000 Muslims turn out to pray in the US capital today, there could be a major shift in the spiritual realm over the United States.

Also very interesting as far as timing goes, earlier this week, immediately following the Feast of Trumpets, many of the leaders of the Body of Messiah in Israel were gathered together just outside of Jerusalem for a time of worship and repentance for the sins of the people of Israel.  As they repented and worshipped the Heavens opened and sent forth a major rainstorm.  Apart from the fact that the first rains of the season are seldom this early, many parts of the dry and thirsty land received a record amount of rain. 

Was this a message from the Throne-room ?  Is the Lord preparing to pour out His Spirit on a spiritually dry & thirsty Israel, whom He plans to use to bring revival to the nations ?  Is He preparing to pour His wrath out on the nations (and the churches) that oppose Him & the ways of His Kngdom? Only time will reveal the answer to that question, but as we are still in the Fall Feast season, with the Day of Atonement ( Sept 28 ) and the Feast of Tabernacles ( Oct 4 – 12 ) just ahead, anything can happen  –  I suggest we keep our seat belts fastened !

The Fall Feast Season Begins   As you read this report the Jewish world is in the time of the Fall Feast season.  This is the celebration of the last 3 of the Lord’s Holy festivals.  The cycle starts with Passover, Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits at the beginning of the Biblical year.  Then Shavuot / Pentecost follows 50 days after Passover.   The Feast of Trumpets or Shofars  launched us into this season last Friday night.  Yom Kippur ( the Day of Atonement ) follows on Sunday, which in turn is followed by Succot or the Feast of Tabernacles on Oct 4th. 

Although ignored by the majority of the Church, these feasts of the Lord are a picture of the prophetic plan of God and each one has incredible relevance to Jews and Christians alike.  This Feast of Trumpets is a prophetic foreshadow of the Rapture, which we expect to occur on this date in the Hebrew calendar.  Lets especially pray over the next 3 weeks as the Jewish people celebrate these feasts, and reflect upon their spiritual condition, that they will have  a supernatural revelation of Yeshua as their Messiah and that they will be brave enough to take the steps to coming back to a covenant relationship with the Father, though the blood sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

Shabbat Shalom …. David & Josie


1. Many See Obama UN Speech as Dangerous for Israel   Israel Today News   Sept 24th
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu highly praised US President Barack Obama’s speech to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, during which the American leader repeatedly referred to Israel as “the Jewish state” and demanded an end to Palestinian incitement against it.  However, while two of Israel’s top peace demands are recognition as a Jewish state and an end to Palestinian incitement, observers noted that Obama did far more to damage Israel’s legitimacy by highlighting the “occupation” and Jewish settlements as the root of the conflict.  “The goal is clear: two states living side by side in peace and security: a Jewish State of Israel, with true security for all Israelis; and a viable, independent Palestinian state with contiguous territory that ends the occupation that began in 1967,” said Obama. The how and why of how those territories came to be in Israel’s possession were again glossed over.  All that matters now, stated Obama, is that “America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.”
    There is concern that adopting the Arab line regarding the “occupation” will only perpetuate the conflict by encouraging the Arabs to push for rights to or compensation for the rest of “occupied Palestine,” which they say encompasses all of the State of Israel.  Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas didn’t go quite so far in his initial response to Obama’s speech, but did use the president’s address as a pretext to declare Netanyahu an unfit peace partner due to his failure to completely halt all Jewish construction in Judea, Samaria and on the eastern side of Jerusalem.  “The Netanyahu government is a real problem and there is no common ground for negotiations with it,” said Abbas in an interview with the Palestinian daily Al-Hayyat. “Construction in the settlements is continuing, Netanyahu is declaring Jerusalem…not up for negotiations, so what is there to talk about?”

2.  Obama Set Up Pointless Meeting Between Netanyahu & Abbas    Israel Today News    Sept 20
    US President Barack Obama succeeded in setting up a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at the start of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, but White House officials acknowledged the gathering is nothing but a photo opportunity and won’t lead to renewed peace talks.  Obama has been trying to get Netanyahu and Abbas together in the same room since Netanyahu became prime minister back in March. Netanyahu has repeatedly declared his readiness to restart meaningful talks, but Abbas’ insistence on extreme preconditions, such as a halt to all Jewish construction on the eastern side of Jerusalem, has kept the two apart.
   Abbas has not loosened his positions, and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was clear that the meeting is not expected to mark the beginning of renewed bilateral negotiations, but rather an effort to “lay the groundwork for the relaunch of negotiations.”  Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday blasted Abbas and the Palestinian Authority for squandering a golden opportunity to move toward a Palestinian state by not taking advantage of Obama’s commitment to Middle East peace

3.  Obamas Foreign Policy Adviser Calls For US to Shoot Down Israeli Jets    The Weekly Standard / Arutz 7 
   Zbigniew Brzezinski, who enthusiastically campaigned for U.S. President Barack Obama, has called on the president to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Iran.  “They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq.  Are we just going to sit there and watch?” said the former national security advisor to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in an interview with the Daily Beast.  Brzezinski, who served in the Carter administration from 1977 to 1981, is currently a professor of American foreign policy at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies in Maryland.  “We have to be serious about denying them that right,” he said. “If they fly over, you go up and confront them. They have the choice of turning back or not. No one wishes for this but it could be a ‘Liberty’ in reverse.’”  (Israel mistakenly attacked the American Liberty ship during the Six-Day War in 1967.)
    Brzezinski was a top candidate to become an official advisor to President Obama, but he was downgraded after Republican and pro-Israel Democratic charges during the campaign that Brzezinski’s anti-Israel attitude would damage Obama at the polls.  President Obama’s advisors have emphasized that the former national security advisor is not playing any unofficial role as advisor to the White House.  His enthusiasm for President Obama has waned in the past several months. He recently told a London-based newspaper that the United States may be “sliding into a deeper conflict with various segments of the world of Islam ” because of the president’s failure to carry out his promises to the Muslim world. Brzezinski said the Obama administration is “diddling around” in trying to reach an “evasive compromise” between Israel and the Arab world.
    The White House had no comment to make.  The Obama Administration should immediately denounce Zbigniew Brzezinski’s suggestion and remove him from any advisory role – official or otherwise – he may have with the president. His comments will encourage Iran and put our ally Israel in greater jeopardy. But, sadly, the Obama Administration is already making concessions to Iran, while browbeating Israel. No wonder Brzezinski thought he could get away with “loating” his outrageous idea of the U.S. committing an act of war against Israel.

4.  Israel Responds to Gaza Border Violations    ICEJ News  Sept 21
    The Israeli Air Force bombed three smuggling tunnels in southern Gaza on Sunday evening in response to a Kassam rocket attack launched at Israel the night before. IDF troops patrolling the security fence along the northern Gaza border on Sunday afternoon also thwarted an attempt to plant explosives next to the fence, killing to gunmen in an ensuing shootout. Other security breaches were reported elsewhere along the security fence and in Judea and Samaria over the Rosh Hashana holiday weekend. Meantime, Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah marked the end of Ramadan on Friday by declaring over a televised speech that the Shi’ite terror militia would “destroy” the Israeli army if it attacked Lebanon. “If Israel attacks us, we must turn the threat into an opportunity,” he said. “The next war will change the face of the region.” He went on to say that “No one has th e right to recognize this entity (Israel) or approve its legitimacy,” adding that Israel is an “illegitimate cancerous entity” that should be “eliminated.” His comments were to mark al-Quds Day, an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan to express Shi’ite solidarity with the Palestinians, and came as the Obama administration is seeking to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks with wider Arab participation.

5.  Iran Loses its Early Warning System   Debkafile News   Sept 22
       Up above a big military parade in Tehran on Tuesday, Sept. 22, as Iranian president declared Iran’s armed forces would “chop off the hands” of any power daring to attack his country, two air force jets collided in mid-air. One was Iran’s “onlyairborne warning and control system (AWACS) for coordinating long-distance aerial operations, our military and Iranian sources disclose.  The proud military parade, which included a march-past, a line of Shehab-3 missiles and an air force fly-past, was planned to give Ahmadinejad a dazzling send-off for New York and add steel to his UN Assembly speech Wednesday.   Dubbed “Simorgh” (a flying creature of Iranian fable which performs wonders in mid-flight), the AWACS’ appearance, escorted by fighter jets, was to have been the climax for the Iranian Air force’s fly-past over the parade. Instead, it collided with one of escorting planes, a US-made F-5E, and both crashed to the ground in flames. All seven crewmen were killed.
      Eye witnesses reported that the flaming planes landed on the mausoleum burial site of the Islamic revolution’s founder Ruhollah Khomeini, a national shrine. According to Western observers, no distress signals came from either cockpit indicating that the collision and explosions were sudden and fast.
Military sources say the disaster was a serious blow to the Iranian Air Force not long after its first and only AWACS went into service in April 2008. It was a renovated version of the Russian Ilyushin 76, part of Saddam Hussein’s air force before it was transferred to Iran in 1991 during the first Gulf War. Tehran hired Russian technicians to carry out renovations and install up-to-date radar. At the launching ceremony of the upgraded AWACS, Air Force commander Brig. Gen. Ahmad Miqani boasted its new radar systems were made in Iran and able to spot any airplane or missile at a distance of 1,000 kilometres from Iran’s borders.  The loss of this airborne control system has left Iran’s air force and air and missile defences without “electronic eyes” for surveillance of the skies around its borders. 

6. Israel Drenched by Record-Breaking Rains    ICEJ News  Sept 21
   According to the Israeli Water Authority, the two-day rainfall from this past holiday weekend broke a record for the month and beat the average total for September and October combined. The North received 30-40 millimeters, 60 mm for the northern Golan Heights, and 10 mm for the Sea of Galilee. Although the Galilee water did not rise because of the scheduled pumping done on the weekends, the water would have otherwise decreased by a centimeter. Meanwhile, Water Authority spokesman Uri Schor says that unless Israel gets a good amount of rain this year, the country’s natural water-source levels will drop to the black lines by late November or early December; these sources include the coastal and mountai n aquifers and the Sea of Galilee.  The black lines mark the level of irreversible damage to the reservoirs. Forecasts are calling for above average rains this winter

7. Israel To Get First Electric Cars in 2011  Israel Today News  Sept 20
    Israeli entrepreneur Shai Agassi and his Better Place company signed a deal last week with French carmaker Renault to be one of the first importers on the FluenceZE electric car when it is ready in 2011.  Agassi has been working with Renault and the Israeli government for a number of years to make Israel one of the first nations to abandon its dependence on consumer petroleum.  Prior to the arrival of the first FluenceZEs, Better Place will install thousands of electric car service points throughout the country. These points will include “fast boost” recharging outlets, as well as battery replacement based on a monthly subscription model.  The FluenceZE can also be plugged into standard electrical outlets, which will take about eight hours to recharge the battery to full capacity.  The Israeli government has agreed to provide sizable import tax refunds to those who purchase electric cars and held Israel to reduce its need for oil

8. “Joseph” Coins Found in Egypt  Jerusalem Post   Sept 25
      Archeologists have discovered ancient Egyptian coins bearing the name and image of the biblical Joseph, Cairo’s Al Ahram newspaper recently reported. Excerpts provided by MEMRI show that the coins were discovered among a multitude of unsorted artifacts stored at the Museum of Egypt.  According to the report, the significance of the find is that archeologists have found scientific evidence countering the claim held by some historians that coins were not used for trade in ancient Egypt, and that this was done through barter instead.  The period in which Joseph was regarded to have lived in Egypt matches the minting of the coins in the cache, researchers said.   “A thorough examination revealed that the coins bore the year in which they were minted and their value, or effigies of the pharaohs [who ruled] at the time of their minting. Some of the coins are from the time when Joseph lived in Egypt, and bear his name and portrait,” said the report.
     The discovery of the cache prompted research team head Dr. Sa’id Muhammad Thabet to seek Koranic verses that speak of coins used in ancient Egypt. “Studies by Dr. Thabet’s team have revealed that what most archeologists took for a kind of charm, and others took for an ornament or adornment, is actually a coin. Several [facts led them to this conclusion]: first, [the fact that] many such coins have been found at various [archeological sites], and also [the fact that] they are round or oval in shape, and have two faces: one with an inscription, called the inscribed face, and one with an image, called the engraved face – just like the coins we use today,” the report added.


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Is Obama a Muslim?

September 25, 2009

Will President Obama support an anti-Semitic, anti-American Islamic day of prayer?
Urge the president to refuse to issue any statements or proclamations in support of this Muslim day of prayer
September 24, 2009

The Islamic community hopes to have 50,000 Muslims surrounding the U.S. Capitol for Jummah prayer this Friday, September 25.
While all people are of course free in America to pray according to the dictates of their own conscience, a look at the leaders of this prayer event raises serious questions about whether this event is good for America.
The main organizer of the event, Hassen Ibn Abdellah, was, according to the New York Times, the “most aggressively combative of the lawyers” representing the terrorists who staged the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. His client was convicted of manufacturing and transporting the bomb and is now in the “Supermax” prison at Florence, Colorado.
In 2004, he tried to get Numan Maflahi off the hook. Maflahi is a New Jersey Muslim who was sentenced to five years in prison for his part in terrorism financing schemes centered in Brooklyn.
In 2007, Abdellah came to the defense of Mahmud Faruq Brent, a Baltimore cabdriver who pled guilty to attending a jihad terrorist training camp in Pakistan, and who, under Abdellah’s instructions, refused to cooperate with authorities or testify against other defendants.
The imam who will lead the recitation of the Koran, Sheikh Ahmed Dewidar, is a Manhattan cleric who once said that “through the domination of Islam and its ideas, the White House will change,” and spoke approvingly of another cleric who said that one day “the White House will become…the Muslim House.”
He has also claimed that Zionists “control the government, the politics, the economy, and the media in the U.S.”
In other words, this Islamic prayer event is being led by men who harbor both anti-Semitic and fundamentally anti-America views.
President Barack Obama has barely acknowledged the Christian heritage of the United States, refusing to participate in the National Day of Prayer and issuing only a perfunctory proclamation which he was required to do by law. Yet he has hosted a dinner celebrating what he called “the Holy Month of Ramadan” in the White House, and recently issued a proclamation at the end of Ramadan which concluded with an Arabic blessing.

One mans story…

September 25, 2009

Once upon a time there was a young girl from Kansas who flew on a plane to the island of Havaii to seek fame and fortune.

While attending the university there, she fell in love with a muslim man from Kenya.

They married

After a while he no longer wished to be married to this girl from Kansas and so he divorced her and moved back to Kenya.

The girl from Kansas was devistated of  course, but she had become a muslim also and wishing to honor her religion waited the prescribed time of three months before looking for another man.

Wonder of wonders she discovered she was pregnant with the man from Kenya’s child.

When the man from Kenya found out this information he asked her to come to Kenya where his child could be born as an African and of course, a muslim.

Wishing to please her former husband the young woman flew to Kenya great with child and accompanied by her mother from Kansas.

The boy child was born.

Not wishing to re-marry the young girl at that time he sent her back to Hawaii with the understanding that she could receive a “certificate of birth” for the child within one year if Hawaii was the “choice” of permenant residence even though the child were actually born in Kenya.

This convenient law of Hawaii’s allowed the young woman to have what she wanted, a son with an American birth certificate and his father in Kenya to have what he wanted, an African born muslim son.

Before the young girl could be considered to be accepted back by her muslim husband (the baby’s father) she had yet one more requirement to fulfill acording to her stange new religion.

She  must marry another muslim man and have him divorce her.

There weren’t many muslims to choose from so the young mother went to Indonesia (where there are many muslims) and found a man named Soetoro who would marry her and he did. 

Time passed…

The grandmother lived in Hawaii with the boys grandfather. The boys new step father registered him in a nice catholic school where he could be taught from the Koran (a requirment in this muslim country of Indonesia)

…and of course to remain himself a muslim as the penalty for apostacy from Islam (the muslims religion) would have been death.

In the course of time, when the boy was about 8 or 9 years old his mother had another child and sadly is found to be dying of cancer.

The real father in Kenya never took his wife back and left her in Indonesia with the step father (who never divorced her) and let her die.

With this dilema of the terminal illness of the mother and the young boy needing care, it was deceided to send him back to Hawaii to be raised by his grandmother and when the time came he would be sponsered as an exchange student by his muslim brothers in a good American university.

The child had great determination to have all these people love him, so he worked hard and eventually ran for president of the United States claiming he was actually born here.

Being actually born in America is a requirement of our Constitution for the office of president which a real president swears to uphold and not change.

We fell for it!

…and just before he was sworn in to the highest office in the land, his grandmother, the only one who new the truth about his past became sick and died in Hawaii.

The boy, now a man and almost the leader of the free world who came out of Africa rushed to his grandmothers side and the secret was preserved.

Since this time hundreds of thousand of dollars have been spent to keep this secret and any time line of his real life has not been published.

We’re not sure why,but…What?  is someone trying to hide something that would disqualify this man and make him a usurper of the highest office in the land?

We do have some clues however…

The biggest clue is his reaching out to the muslim world as if it were his own and he were not really the christian man he says he is.

Someday we may know the truth about the man from Africa who came to America and smiled when thousands of muslims came to the capitol of America to pray to another god…not the one on our coins!

Could Kadaffi (the “prince” of Africa) have been right when he called him “my son”

…or was he just another madman whistling in the wind?

(The above may or may not refer to someone you know).

The lie of Islam…

September 24, 2009

The lastest is that some Muslims are saying that the “radicals” have hijacked Islam and that the origional religion is peacfull.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact the beginning of the so called religion in the 8th century was conjured up by Mohammad to help him subdue the people of Arabia and have them all, under his rule bow to his favorite idol allah. (ever wonder about the cresent moon? allah was a piece of wood representing the moon).

Each nomadic tribe in Arabia had their favorite “god” so they agreed not to kill each other for 3 months and at that time they all brought their favorite “gods” to the temple/kabala in Mecca.

Today it’s done for 30 days and is called Ramadon.

Mohammad said his was the “greatest” god and that is where the saying “allah akbar” comes from.  (I don’t think a piece of wood will hear anybodies prayer and keep them out of Hell.  Do you?

Please don’t take my word for it as I am just an “Infidel” acording to the Haddith which is the instruction book on how a Muslim should live and interpret the Qur’an.

It’s what Islam refers to as Sharia.

Rather read the Bible(the book you are forbidden to read because the Mullas don’t want you to know the truth and leave Islam) Yes, see for yourself.  You can still do this in America!

You would do well to read the Hebrew Scriptures and see how the Koran is  based on them…or read first the “new” book of Matthew and see how it is written to the Jews (the ones allah is “happy” about having you kill).

No God and loving Creator would have His angel Gabriel bring “down” such a book.

It looks like Muslims have been thrown a horrible curve…but don’t dispair.  The one true god has provided a “way” for all men, Muslim and Non-Muslim to return to him in loving forgivness.

He, Adonai has even done all the hard work for you and all one has to do is trust in His Salvation who is (the prophet) Jesus/Yeshua in Hebrew/ and believe that He/Yeshua, really is the Lamb of G-d sacrificed on the “tree” before the foundation of the earth and in the physical realm about 2000 years ago, centuries before Islam. (in other words he is the ancient one/G-d in the flesh).

Well, it’s all in the pages of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation..If you read it with the idea that you are seeking for the real truth then you will find it.

Meanwhile don’t think that Islam has been Hi-jacked by the terrorists…They are only following what their god allah (more likely Satan) is telling them to do.

Think about it.  What Mother would have her own child killed on the chance that it would please an angry god?

May all who “seek” find the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Islamic Sharia(law) is Death to the “rule of law”

September 21, 2009

Why are these people marching on Capitol Hill?

Was it not enough that they destroyed the world trade centers 8 years ago?

Have we forgotten so soon?

Who is letting this happen in this “one nation under God”

Allah is not God

They say allah is greater ..meaning he is greater than all the other false “gods” in the pantheon in Mecca.

The real God is the loving God of the Bible..

Why do the spiritual leaders of Islam not allow their people to read it?

Maybe they should and then compare it to the Qur’an in Arabic that Gabriel was supposed to “bring down” from the 7th heaven and give to mohammad in the 8th century.

Yeh right!

Looking for truth?  Look no furthur then the Bible and then choose whom you will follow.

Life and Love or Death and Hate

A Great Freedom Video

September 21, 2009

Click on the above video and enjoy the marching song for America’s freedom!

Performed in DC on 9/12