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Israel, Small but amazing..Watch the video

August 30, 2013


Obama’a Brotherhood must Go!

August 27, 2013



Aside from the carnage in Benghazi, the most enduring image from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State was the fake remote control she brought with her to Moscow in 2009 with the word “Reset” in misspelled Russian embossed on it.

Clinton’s gimmick was meant to show that under President Barack Obama, American foreign policy would be fundamentally transformed. Since Obama and Clinton blamed much of the world’s troubles on the misdeeds of their country, under their stewardship of US foreign policy, the US would reset everything. Around the globe, all bets were off.

Five years later we realize that Clinton’s embarrassing gesture was not a gimmick, but a dead serious pledge. Throughout the world, the Obama administration has radically altered America’s policies.

And disaster has followed. Never since America’s establishment has the US appeared so untrustworthy, destructive, irrelevant and impotent.

Consider Syria. Wednesday was the one year anniversary of Obama’s pledge that the US would seek the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime if Assad used chemical weapons against his opponents.

Wednesday, Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against civilians around Damascus. According to opposition forces, well over a thousand people were murdered.

Out of habit, the eyes of the world turned to Washington. But Obama has no policy to offer. Obama’s America can do nothing.

America’s powerlessness in Syria is largely Obama’s fault. At the outset of the Syrian civil war two and a half years ago, Obama outsourced the development of Syria’s opposition forces to Turkey’s Prime Minister Recip Erdogan. He had other options. A consortium of Syrian Kurds, moderate Sunnis, Christians and others came to Washington and begged for US assistance. But they were ignored.

Obama’s decision to outsource the US’s Syria policy owed to his twin goals of demonstrating that the US would no longer try to dictate international outcomes, and of allying the US with Islamic fundamentalists.

Both these goals are transformative. In the first instance, Obama believes that anti-Americanism stems from America’s actions. By accepting the mantel of global leadership, Obama believes the US insulted other nations. To mitigate their anger, the US should abdicate leadership.

As for courting Islamic fundamentalists, from his earliest days in office Obama insisted that since radical Islam is the most popular movement in the Islamic world, radical Islam is good. Radical Muslims are America’s friends. Obama embraced Erdogan, an Islamic fascist who has won elections as his closest ally and most trusted advisor in the Muslim world.

And so, with the full support of the US government, Erdogan stacked Syria’s opposition forces with radical Muslims like himself. Within months the Muslim Brotherhood comprised the majority in Syria’s US-sponsored opposition.

The Muslim Brotherhood has no problem collaborating with al Qaida, because the latter was formed by Muslim Brothers. It shares the Brotherhood’s basic ideology. Since al Qaida has the most experienced fighters, its rise to leadership and domination of the Syrian opposition was a natural progression.

In other words, Obama’s decision to have Turkey form the Syrian opposition led inevitably to the current situation in which the Iranian and Russian-backed Syrian regime is fighting an opposition dominated by al Qaida.

At this point, short of an Iraq-style US invasion of Syria and toppling of the regime, almost any move the US takes to overthrow the government will strengthen al Qaida. So after a reported 1,300 people were killed by chemical weapons launched by the regime on Wednesday, the US has no constructive options for improving the situation.

A distressing aspect of Obama’s embrace of Erdogan is that Erdogan has not tried to hide the fact that he seeks dictatorial powers and rejects the most basic norms of liberal democracy and civil rights.

Under the facade of democracy, Erdogan has transformed Turkey into one of the most repressive countries in the world. Leading businessmen, generals, journalists, parliamentarians and regular citizens have been systematically rounded up and accused of treason for their “crime” of opposing Turkey’s transformation into an Islamic state. Young protesters demanding civil rights and an end to governmental corruption are beaten and arrested by police, and demonized by Erdogan. Following the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt last month, Erdogan has openly admitted that he and his party are part and parcel of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama’s approach to world affairs was doubtlessly shaped during his long sojourn in America’s elite universities. Using the same elitist sensibilities that cause him to blame American “arrogance,” for the world’s troubles, and embrace radical Islam as a positive force, Obama has applied conflict resolution techniques developed by professors in ivory towers to real world conflicts that cannot be resolved peacefully.

Obama believed he could use the US’s close relationships with Israel and Turkey to bring about a rapprochement between the former allies. But he was wrong. The reason the Turkish-Israeli alliance ended is because Erdogan is a virulent Jew hater who seeks Israel’s destruction, not because of a misunderstanding. Obama forced Israel to apologize for defending itself against Turkish aggression believing that Erdogan would then reinstate full diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. Instead, Erdogan continued his assault on Israel, most recently accusing it of organizing the military coup in Egypt and the anti-Erdogan street protests in Turkey.

As for Egypt, as with Syria, Obama’s foreign policy vision for the US has left Washington with no options for improving the situation on the ground or for securing its own strategic interests. To advance his goal of empowering the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama pushed the Egyptian military to overthrow the regime of US ally Hosni Mubarak and so paved the way for elections that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

Today he opposes the military coup that ousted the Muslim Brotherhood government.

The US claims that it opposes the coup because the military has trampled democracy and human rights. But it is all but silent in the face of the Muslim Brotherhood’s own trampling of the human rights of Egypt’s Christian minority. Obama ignores the fact that Morsi governed as a tyrant far worse than Mubarak.

Ignoring that neither side can share power with the other, the US insists the Brotherhood and the military negotiate an agreement to do just that. And so both sides hate and distrust the US.

Wresting an Israeli apology to Turkey was Obama’s only accomplishment during his trip to Israel in March. Secretary of State John Kerry’s one accomplishment since entering office was to restart negotiations between Israel and the PLO. Just as the consequence of Israel’s apology to Turkey was an escalation of Turkey’s anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric, so the consequence of Kerry’s “accomplishment” will be the escalation of Palestinian terrorism and political warfare against Israel.

As Jonathan Tobin noted Wednesday in Commentary, to secure Palestinian agreement to reinstate negotiations, not only did Kerry force Israel to agree to release more than a thousand Palestinian terrorists from prison. He put the US on record supporting the Palestinians’ territorial demands. In so doing, Kerry locked the US into a position of blaming Israel once the talks fail. When the Palestinians escalate their political and terrorist campaign against Israel, they will use Kerry’s pledges as a means of justifying their actions.

The current round of talks will fail of course because like the Turks, the Syrians and the Egyptians, the Palestinians are not interested in resolving their conflict. They are interested in winning it. They do not want a state. They want to supplant Israel.

Clinton’s reset button was played up as a gimmick. But it was a solemn oath. And it was fulfilled. And as a result, the world is a much more violent and dangerous place. The US and its allies are more threatened. The US’s enemies from Moscow to Tehran to Venezuela are emboldened.

The time has come to develop the basis for a future US policy that would represent a reset of Obama’s catastrophic actions and attitudes. Given the damage US power and prestige has already suffered, and given that Obama is unlikely to change course in his remaining three years in power, it is clear that reverting to George W. Bush’s foreign policy of sometimes fighting a war on nebulous “terrorists” and sometimes appeasing them will not be sufficient to repair the damage. The US must not exchange strategic insanity with strategic inconsistency.

Instead, a careful, limited policy based on no-risk and low risk moves that send clear messages and secure clear interests is in order.

The most obvious no-risk move would be to embrace Israel as America’s most vital and only trustworthy ally in the region. By fully supporting Israel not only would the US strengthen its own position by strengthening the position of the only state in the Middle East that shares its enemies, its interests and its values.

Washington would send a strong signal to states throughout the region and the world that the US can again be trusted.

This support would also secure clear US strategic interests by providing Israel with the political backing it requires to eliminate Iran’s nuclear program. Moreover, it would bring coherence to the US’s counter-terror strategy by ending US support for Palestinian statehood. Instead, the US would support the institution of the rule of law and liberal norms of government in Palestinian society by supporting the application of Israel’s liberal legal code over Judea and Samaria.

Another no-risk move is to support former Soviet satellite states that are now members of NATO. Here too, the US would be taking an action that is clear and involves no risk. Russia would have few options for opposing such a move. And the US could go a long way towards rebuilding its tattered reputation.

Low risk moves include supporting minorities that do not have a history of violent anti-Americanism and are, in general, opposed to Islamic fascism. Such groups include the Kurds. In Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran, the Kurds represent a national group that has proven its ability to self-govern and oppose tyranny. With certain, easily identified exceptions, the stronger the Kurds are, the weaker anti-American forces become.

Then there are the Christians. The plight of the Christians in the Islamic world is one of the most depressing chapters in the recent history of the region. In country after country, previously large and relatively peaceful, if discriminated Christian minorities are being slaughtered and forced to flee. To date, the US has done next to nothing to defend them.

Strong, forthright statements of support for Christian communities and condemnations of persecution, including rape, forced conversions, massacre, extortion and destruction of church and private Christian-owned property from Egypt to Indonesia to Pakistan to the Palestinian Authority would make a difference in the lives of millions of people. It would also go some way towards rehabilitating the US’s reputation as a champion of human rights, after Obama’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Under Obama, America has made itself worse than irrelevant. In country after country, it has become dangerous to be a US ally. The world as a whole is a much more dangerous place as a consequence. Nothing short of a fundamental transformation of US foreign policy will suffice to begin to repair the damage.

We should have elected Newt

August 23, 2013

Gingrich Productions

Egyptian Realities vs. American Fantasies

Egyptian Realities vs. American Fantasies

The gap between Egyptian realities and the opinions of American leaders of both parties is simply amazing.

The American leaders seem to live in a fantasy world in which America is all powerful, our definition of legitimacy is unchallengeable, and our right to take risks with the lives of other people is unquestioned.

Both Democratic and Republican leaders (and their allies in the news media) seem to have no sense of the realities facing the Egyptian military.

Put yourselves in the shoes of the senior officers of the Egyptian military.

Two years ago they watched the Obama Administration abandon President Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak had been President of Egypt for 30 years and throughout that time had supported the United States — through two wars in Iraq, the decade of war in Afghanistan, and an amazing number of other contingencies. His reward for being a faithful ally was abandonment and imprisonment.

The Obama desertion of Mubarak almost certainly reminded the Egyptian military of President Jimmy Carter’s desertion of the Shah of Iran. In November of 1978 President Carter toasted the Shah as a great ally. A few months later, the Americans pressured him to give in to the “reformers.” The Shah was driven from his country and died overseas. His generals were imprisoned and many executed. Their families fled Iran. Today, 34 years later, the “reformers” have consolidated their dictatorship and are trying to build a nuclear weapon.

The United States invaded Iraq and left behind a high level of violence.

The United States helped drive Qaddafi from power and has left Libya in shambles.

The United States has wrung its hands and publicly dithered while Assad has worked with the Iranians and the Russians to consolidate his control over Syria.

American senators and American secretaries of state can fly to Cairo to offer advice and advocate idealistic but impractical reforms. When they are done lecturing Egyptians, they fly home to safety.

The senior officers of the Egyptian military know that they will still be there when the Americans leave. Indeed, many of them remember the Americans abandoning their allies in South Vietnam.

Most senior American officials do not understand this and assume their prestige is unquestionable.

Cutting off American aid will have no effect. (I favor cutting it off because it is no longer furthering American interests.) The Saudis and their Persian Gulf allies have already committed $10 in new aid for every dollar of American aid.

The senior officers of the Egyptian military know that their lives and their families’ lives depend on defeating the Muslim Brotherhood.

They know that Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak all followed hard line policies against the Muslim Brotherhood and it worked.

They know that the Algerian Army rejected an Islamist election victory in 1991 and fought an eleven year civil war to impose order on Algeria. More than 44,000 Algerians were killed in the campaign to defeat Islamists. Westerners were horrified. The Algerian Army won.

The hardest-line example of survival through repression was Hafez Assad of Syria who survived in power for 30 years (from 1970 to his death in 2000). Assad was relentlessly tough in fighting the Muslim Brotherhood. When they tried to assassinate him in 1980 he retaliated by executing over 600 prisoners. When the city of Hama sought to rebel he crushed it so thoroughly that it became a model of horrifying repression. Tom Friedman of the New York Times coined the term “Hama Rules”. In Hama that meant literally destroying entire neighborhoods to eliminate opposition. That brutal operation cost 20,000 Syrians their lives but Assad stayed in power.

The United States must rethink its entire policy in the Middle East.

We have to recognize that on a bipartisan basis for the last 12 years we have tried to create and impose an American fantasy in Middle Eastern realities.

Egypt is a good place to begin rethinking this policy.

Your Friend,

Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?

August 23, 2013

The horrifying state of affairs in Egypt right now demands a strong, unwavering response from America. The Muslim Brotherhood’s aggressive targeting of Coptic Christians, whom radical Islamists blame for President Mohamed Morsi’s removal, must be stopped.

In fact, growing numbers of these violent extremists are now absurdly claiming that Christians have “declared war against Islam and Muslims.”

So why aren’t western officials — specifically the President of the United States — publicly condemning the Muslim Brotherhood for their murderous attacks and violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt?

Grassfire’s own LibertyNEWS may have the answer.

According to their report, Obama’s shaky family tree reveals the President’s blood ties to the Muslim Brotherhood through his half-brother Malik Obama. Malik reportedly is a member of the Islamic Da’wa Organization — an arm of the Sudanese government led by President Omar al-Bashir, who himself is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Malik Obama is also deeply involved and considered to be the architect of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international investment operation.
Could it be that President Obama’s non-response to this crisis is due to his family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?
If Obama insists that he is the son of a goat farmer from Kenya, then the above is true.  If however, his father is non other than Frank Marshal Davis, which is more likely, then he has been brought up mentored by Frank who taught him Socialism, Marxism and Communism.
Ok, Obama who are you anyway?  We know your Birth certificate is a forgery,  That has been proven beyond doubt.  So what kind of a Usurper are you anyway?  We know you will never speak the truth so we hope as free citizens of America that you will leave the Oval office before you do anymore damage.

Happy Birthday Yeshua

August 22, 2013

The true Birthday of Yeshua/Jesus was most likely the first day of Sukkot/Tabernacles/Booths.  This year that would be the 19th of September.

Of course, Yeshua is God and has been from eternity past and will allways be.  As Son-of-Man on earth and Son-of-God in Heaven at the “Fathers Right Hand.  There is but one God and He is One with the Son.  The Jewish Smah says it perfectly:  “Smah Israel, YHWH Elohim, YGWH/Adonai Echad.”  Echad is One and yet a Unity of the Godhead (3-in-One)

Celebrate with us during Sukkot 2013!
This year, it’s ALL about Yeshua!

The enemy within

August 21, 2013

Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way that you can quickly understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. It was translated into English from an article in the Prague newspaper Prager Zeitungon.



“The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”


Islam kills…Christianity offers life!

August 21, 2013

Angered over the ouster of their president Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood has mounted a growing campaign of terror towards Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Since July, Islamists who blame Christians for Morsi’s removal have been on a rampage — looting and firebombing more than 50 schools and churches — in an effort to “cleanse the region of Christians.”

The Examiner reports that, in one instance, “three nuns were paraded around like prisoners of war after their school was torched.”

Although Coptic Christians supported protests opposing Morsi, National Review Online reports that they were “hardly the decisive force in the anti-Morsi uprising that reached across the spectrum from youthful democrats to Communists to supporters of the old Hosni Mubarak regime.”

Yet, it’s the Christians living in the region who are being violently singled out and targeted. But it’s the U.S. government that’s helping fan the flames of hatred by pumping $1.6 billion in military aid to Egypt.